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My Gadget Wish List, what yours?

1) In the last PC Fair, I was planning to buy a LCD Monitor, and mounted it at wall, save my table space and get a more comfortable location while I doing my work. But the price is still expensive, the one I aim is about RM900++ to RM1000, it is still out of my […]

My HDD No space to store Movie file

Recently I found few website which provide movie to download, all are in rapid share file, but for legacy, em…. you should know what I mean! All this movie take space in my Hard disk, I need to burn it into CD if that movie I like, so I can watch again in future. While […]

My Time Spend on Broadband Speed

I am addicted to Internet. Did you? Seriously, without Internet, I really did not know how my IT Engineer’s life will be? Not only my job, for personal life, I also addicted to Internet. Average 4 to 8 hour per days sitting in front of computer surfing Internet. Where is all my time goes on […]

Buy Jewellery Online

As an IT Engineer, I buy computer gadget online before, not much, just once only 😛 Most of us Asian, still prefer shop physically instead of shop online, but soon, more and more people will buy all their need over the internet. I have few friend, also my customer who buy domain and web hosting […]

Alternative to expensive Ink Cartridges

Most of the company are using original ink cartridges, like the HP Original Reward I mention earlier on, also one of their business strategy to maintain their customer. Customer buy more ink cartridges, collect more point, can exchange free gift kfc voucher, and also starbuck coupon I exchange before. I do compare before some re-manufacture […]

What ringtone are you using?

Since I get my Candy bar last year, I only load few ring tone into my cell phone, and set the Sony Erricson ring tone as default ring tone and did not change until now. My friend said I am bored, always using the same ring tone. For me, I already use to hear this […]

Web Hosting Company

While we talk about website, web design, home page, we must mention also on hosting, a cyber space to store our website or html file. Few criteria to look for a webhosting, some people look for cheap, some look for budget, some look for reliability. Other then this, people consider the space and bandwith. You […]

Web Hosting Bluebook

Yellow Pages is the most popular directory among all the places. Last time, most people would like to list their business in to this directory, but now, due to the advance of technology, most people would like to list their business over the online directory. Recently I Just register my hosting business over Company Commision […]

Web Hosting Information

Now a days blogger become more and more, every one also have their own web 2.0 blog, even the politician are involve in blog. Most people started with free platform such as and, and slowly migrate to self hosted website and own a domain name soon. Most of the people are very headache […]

Gambling for survive

During my academic 2 year ago, most of the student borrow governments loan, each semester, the loan will credit into our account, some of the student get about 6,000, and some get 8,000 ; depend on the full loan or half loan. After getting the loan, different student will have different kind of behavious, some […]

Programming blog

Programming is not an easy job, I suppose to be programmer or a software engineer right now instead of IT Enginner. I do study in Information System Engineer in my college and university, but after graduate, I did not involve my self in programmer life. I have few friend are doing programming blog, and they […]

Uninterruptible power supplies a.k.a UPS

Power Continuity system are very important for an organization. My self experience before in a lot of organization such as office, factory, data center or any corporate, especially their server room, the power backup system must fully develop to prevent any power interruption. At my Ex-company, the server room are support by 3 big size […]