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The Real ROI on a Web-Based System

How do we determine the real ROI on a web-based system? As a administrators know the challenge of determining a product’s true ROI, but without that data, we can’t justify purchases especially big, expensive systems. At Vero Beach High School, we developed a checklist of features that, when combined, should provide a clearer picture of […]

Website Trend in 2011

But therein lies the attraction for Web professionals, and much of the opportunity as well. Businesses that strive to stay ahead of the curve will have a much greater chance at success. Business owners that can accurately predict the next trend. Well, that’s how multibillion dollar  companies are born. We make no promises about the […]

Examining an XBRL taxonomy [Part 2]

After getting know on examining and XBRL taxonomy part 1, let continue the rest of the topic. The structure of an XBRL GL document This diagram shows the basic structure of an XBRL GL document. The top-level element of an XBRL GL document, which appears directly after the XBRL instance document root element, is accountingEntries, […]

Examining an XBRL taxonomy [Part 1]

An XBRL taxonomy is a document or set of documents defining a specific information set that can be reported using the XBRL specification. It assigns unique tags to specific accounting elements such as gross profit or price/earnings ratio. Financial reporting taxonomies Because accounting standards and business requirements vary between regions and organizations, financial reporting taxonomies […]

Encrypting and authenticating XML data [Part 2]

After get some understanding on encrypting and authentication on xml on XML web services. Now we getting to know more about the XML signature and also some summarize of XML encrypting and authenticating. XML Signature Standard The W3C XML Signature standard provides a specification for creating and using digital signatures in XML. You use XML […]

HTML standards and compliance [Part 2]

After knowing how the HTML Standard and compliance on HT (Hyper Text) and Markup, let us get more understand on tag wars, xhtml and etc. Tag wars In the early days of the Web, HTML proved to be an extremely popular authoring language. With HTML, publishing content to the Web was easy – you inserted […]

HTML standards and compliance [Part 1]

As you probably know, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, the language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. It was developed during 1989 and 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau while they were both working at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory. HTML is similar to the Standard Generalized Markup Language […]

Submit Your Website to Search Engine

Search Engine give me a constant traffic, before I start on how to submit website to search engine manually, let review back my experience on submiting my sitemap to search engine,  after I have submit sitemap to Google, submit feed to Yahoo SiteExplore, also submit sitemap to Msn Live Webmaster Center, the traffic increase time […]