Digital Marketing Trainer Your Gateway To Digital Marketing Future Sat, 26 Sep 2020 13:40:04 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Digital Marketing Trainer 32 32 Keyword Tracking & Keyword Ranking Tools for SEO Sat, 26 Sep 2020 13:40:04 +0000 According to the researches, it shows that around 90% or more of the people are leveraging search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu to locate information online. Researches are also showing that about 80% of the people will click on one of the three first search results, and if you’re not on the first page, and of course, if you’re not on the first page, you already expect there is very less traffic will reach your website from search engines. Not only search engines are directing traffic to your website, you also have links from referring sites/blogs/forums etc, and people will also arrive at your site directly, by typing the URL in their browsers.

Keyword Tracking & Keyword Ranking

As you can gain a fairly extensive amount of traffic passively, just by having your site adapted to the search engines, and having your website appearing at the first search results. That’s the reason companies and businesses are doing “SEO” (Search Engine optimization), they understand the important and SEO and willing to invest into it.

Basically, what this means is that companies are improving the structure, content, and linkage of their websites, in order to have better adapt to the search engine ranking algorithms, and so to appear on a higher position on the search results.

The SEO process has the technical stage of technically adapting your website to search engines, simply put, making your web a Search Engine friendly site. This is achieved by using On-Page optimization, a few simple steps such as adding the correct HTML titles to web pages, adding matching META descriptions, creating a site map and etc. All these relatively simple steps will make your website more open to search engines recognition, more accessible, the content will be better categorized and described, and search engine will have better understanding on your website, the information you want to deliver for the visitor and rank you higher in the search result.

Seo Friendly Website

We usually optimizing a website starts by a research, usually a “Keyword Research”.

This means that you will identify the search terms people are using when searching and arriving at your website, and you will cross check these keywords with another important information such as how many pages per visit were viewed, how much time every visitor spent on your website, and what is the bounce rate (bounce is a term used for a situation when a visitor exits your website after viewing a single page only, presumably understanding your website is NOT what she/he were looking for).

We also cross checking your current traffic information with the initial keywords list you have will allow you to understand what people are searching for, and what content on your website they view. You can also learn about “wrong” keywords such as a word showing your website first with the search engine, but turns that it has a bounce rate of 99%, meaning only 1 out of 100 people actually viewed over 1 page on your website, when arriving to your website searching for this keyword.

Creating the optimal keyword list is a matter of research, experience, skills and knowledge. Once you have created such a list, start the process of tracking the positions of your website according to your keyword list, and in parallel starts the process of improving the positions and ranking of your site with the keyword list.

Promoting a keyword can be done in many ways, which are the skills of the SEO professionals, and the process constantly monitors the results of the SEO process both based on the analytic traffic information, and on the other hand based on the location of your keyword ranking positions. The Keyword tracking process monitors the location of your website in the search result according to your keyword list, and provides information about the rise or fall of your keywords, the history data of the position of your keywords etc. Tracking this information provides you a very easy, clear, and effective induction about how the SEO process is really working for you.

The Optimal Keyword tracking tool should be able to manage the keyword tracking process with ease, without consuming any maintenance time, without extra configuration required, and should also provide history data, clear reports and intuitive charts. Of course some high-end Keyword tracking tools are also providing additional features such as keyword research tools, keyword ranking tools ,indexed pages information, KEI data, and more, but at the end only the SEO professional are using these features, while most of the people will only require the most basic capability of key word tracking, with the lowest overhead required. A keyword tracker solution that runs automatically, creates the basic reports and alerts a user when a change occurs, is the optimal solution for Keyword Ranking.

Seo Report

Well, now you know the important of search engine optimization, which involves keyword tracking, keyword research and keyword ranking strategies, by leveraging different SEO tools, you can improve your website ranking. If you every wish to learn search engine optimization course, I would recommend you to join my Digital Marketing Course. Or if you don’t plan to learn, while looking for a SEO practitioner to improve your website ranking, feel free to reach me, I have several SEO tools able to help you improve your website ranking.

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What to Expect from SEO Agencies Fri, 25 Sep 2020 14:23:23 +0000 There is a growing awareness among businesses and companies regarding the importance of SEO and how it is one of the most efficient means of increasing visibility in terms of search engine results. Most of the industry experts are of the opinion that the best option is to seek the services of a good professional agency that excels in SEO services and has lots of experience in the field. We can certainly expect such companies to boost the position of the company website.

SEO Agency

Most of the SEO experts tend to work their magic and provide higher ranked search pages by incorporating the most suitable keywords in the website’s content. This is a lot tougher than it sounds and the process of adding suitable keywords to the mix for the search engine to recognize may differ. However, it would be wrong to expect results overnight. SEO works slowly but efficiently and if any SEO firm states the contrary, you can be rest assured that they cannot fulfil your requirements and are simply making hollow promises. This is owing to the fact that there are over three hundred individual factors that affect the website rankings in the search engines, and it is not possible to meet all the criteria.

Necessity of Thorough Research

The mark of a good SEO agency is research. Any professional and expert SEO firm will first examine your business, inspect the profiles of your competitors and then choose the keywords that would have the desired results. This sort of an agency would well know the tools necessary for performing extensive research of the keywords, and then use them effectively to arrive at the most suitable keywords that might improve the flow of traffic to the website, thereby increasing the rate of conversion. (example tools like Ahref, Moz, Semrush and Ubersuggest)

Optimization Services

SEO always involves the optimization of the site with the help of on page and off page optimization techniques that tend to differ. It is the job of SEO expert to ensure that the website contains every single shred of relevant data that the visitors to the site are going to find useful, engaging and informative. It is important for the SEO websites to be made user-friendly and the overall design of any website holds a lot of significance when it comes to making it user-friendly.

A website that does not boast of a good design and is very haphazard will serve to frustrate its visitors who will be unable to navigate it properly and find the content they need. In the end, they will have no other option but to move to one of the other websites, possibly one that belongs to their competitors. When you select an SEO agency for your company, they will probably be in a position to recommend the ideal design for your website.

Content Marketing Agency

Harnessing Social Media Power

You can promote your website using the power of social media. In the modern age, social media websites play a huge role in bolstering the popularity of a particular website and it has been realized that usually such traffic leads to superior rates of conversion. The digital marketing agency that provides SEO services must help the user in exploiting these sites to the best of their advantage. Moreover, the metrics of the site need to be monitored on a regular basis. It is up to the service provider of the site to show how the techniques that have been adopted and employed by them are capable of affecting the results. The two most important factors that require regular monitoring for the same purpose include subsequent conversions and click rates.

Portable Viewing Enabled

One of the aspects that SEO deals in is the viewing experience of the website and all the latest websites and blogs can get their size optimized for their portable devices (mobile friendly). It has been found that a large number of people nowadays are using mobiles devices to log onto the Internet and this is why it is important for you to seek out the help of SEO services that ensure the mobile-friendly and mobile responsive feature of the site.

Digital Marketing Agency

The company needs to always pick an SEO firm that is well acquainted with the right current techniques, and all the essential search engines continue to use search algorithms whose primary purpose is to improve user experience intending to eliminate any sites containing spam. Thus, it is essential to seek a digital marketing agency that remains aware of the present trends of the online search world and is in a position to change their techniques as per the needs of the client.

Additional tips from myself. When someone told you he is a SEO expert, first thing first is to ask for his website, or his company website. Ask a few questions such as what keyword they are ranking right now, and briefly use some back link checker to see how many back links they have. Result does not lie, a real SEO practitioner or someone who pro-claim them self as expert is very easy to identify. If you every look for SEO agencies in Penang or within Malaysia, I can recommend you a few real expert.

Bengkel Digital Marketing 2020 Sun, 13 Sep 2020 11:13:25 +0000 Last month, I have been invited as “Penceramah” (Lecturer) to conduct a digital marketing course name “Bengkel Digital Marketing 2020” to a local college community – Kolej Komuniti Tasek Gelugor (KKTG) at mainland, Penang.

Bengkel Digital Marketing

KKTG is a college where they provide quality education and technical training to improve a student’s technical skill. For this digital marketing workshop, 15 students from pastry certification course as well as 5 students from Air-cond certification course.

Kolej Komuniti Tasek Gelugor

When I reach this college community, they are at Jalan Teluk Air Tawar, Taban Air Tawar Indah.

Calvyn at KKTG

Next to the entrance, there is a small cafe, consider the college’s cafeteria. According to the in-charge person, they used to bake the pasty and sell in this cafeteria, the college also encouraging the student to bake the pasty and sell it, train them to be an entrepreneur. It also makes sense when I speak with the in-charge person, the college has 4 day practical session and 1 day lecture session; if the student eat all the pastry they make, I believe you can imaging all their body size. (Just joking).

Speaking on entrepreneurship, if you can see outside the college, there is a burger stall? The in-charge person says they used to have student sell burger at night and their unique selling preposition is the bun is made by them self. This is really a very good business strategy for a college, yet due to that area is consider a low income area, community member around that neighbourhood does not have high spending power, so their business is not that good.

In my opinion; is lack of marketing and publicity. If college can leverage on digital marketing strategies, leverage on student to viral it, I believe people from next neighbourhood would willing to travel and purchase their pastry.

Kolej Kominity Tasek Gelugor Cafeteria

What This Bengkel Digital Marketing Covered?

During this Bengkel Digital Marketing workshop, I had deliver a few topics such as fundamental of digital marketing, social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram, each participant manages to create their own Facebook fan page for business as well as Instagram account for business.

Apart from this, each participant also learns website marketing, how to set up their own business website, lead capture page for email marketing and also on page search engine optimization such as title and description for their website.

Kolej Komuniti Tasek Gelugor Computer Lab

The college has very well equipt computer lab (they are using IBM computer), also a fast internet connection (Speed test 30Mbps-50Mbps). Approximate 30 computer in the lab and because of social distancing, we could not fully utilize all the seats.

Bengkel Digital Marketing KKTG

For this Bengkel Digital Marketing workshop, because of all the participant is Malay, I am using bahasa Malaysia to conduct; is consider a breakthrough for me as I never conduct any class using bahasa Malaysia earlier, most of my class are in English and done once mandarin class in Johor. I would say my bahasa is not that fluent, lucky the participant able to understand and enjoy the 2 day class. Thanks to some participant for giving positive review too.

participant facebook review

Afiqah says: “Clear description in digital marketing, supportive and ready to help if you do not understand something.”

participant facebook review

participant facebook review

Hanani says: “the description given by Calvyn Lee is very clear .. and fun to learn with Calvyn”

participant facebook review

participant facebook review

Appreciate for your wonderful comment & review, looking forward to have next bengkel digital marketing workshop with KKTG again in near future.


How I become a PSMB / HRDF Certified Trainer Thu, 03 Sep 2020 14:22:46 +0000 As I mention in my previous post. I become a certified MDEC’s Trainer for eUsahawan program in 2018 before I venture in as a HRDF Trainer. Prior to join the HRDF train the trainer program, I have several training experiences as eUsahawan trainer. (Refer my previous post How I Become A MDEC Trainer)

Meantime, in 2019, I take part in the trainer the trainer program organize by PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad), a human resources ministry in Malaysia, certified as a HRDF trainer (Human Resource Development Fund) in June 2019. As a HRDF certified trainer, I am qualified to organize corporate training either directly with the corporate company or work together with HRDF appointed training provider to organize training based on my specialization. Example Digital Marketing Course is one of the program I specialize in.

So if you are a passionate person toward your industry, you have an expertise, a pleasant experience to share, willing to knowledge transfer to people who need? There are many people in the corporate world hunger for knowledge and willing to pay you, listen to you and learn from your subject matter.

So How To Become a HRDF Certified Trainer?

So would you like to become certified and accredited trainer with HRDF? Want to know how to become a HRDF certified trainer? You may join the trainer training program called trainer the trainer program (or TTT’s course), in train the trainer’s course, you will learn how to develop your own training program, to position yourself as a professional corporate trainer, include personal branding, how to market your training program and be seen as an expert in your industry.

During trainer the trainer program, you will learn topic such as how to plan adult learning, conduct training need analysis (TNA), how to design competency base training program & conduct competency based training program as well as asses participant’s competence.

Franky, it does not matter you are an engineer, salesperson, college lecture, a manager or even a retiree, as long as you have passionate to teach, you can join the train the trainer workshop, I would say anyone at least have 7 to 10 year working experience, you can become a HRDF certified trainer and help a lot people in your industry, become a recognize subject-matter expert.

Train the trainer presentation

Train the trainer’s course is a 5 day workshop, as the master trainer will guide you through some standard flow on how to create your own course, activity, group assignment and last day of the workshop, you have 15 minute to present any topic of your field base on the guideline given during the course.

In my choice of topic, I have 15 minute to present my subject matter, “The important of sales funnel” (refer picture above), during this last day, I also have a chance to see other’s participant presenting, and also topic of their choice. Is a salutary experience to learn from others, especially to know their expertise and their field.

Train The Trainer Group Photo

End of the day, the master trainer announces that everyone has passed the train the trainer program, we will only receive our official certificate from HRDF after a few weeks. Below is the train the trainer certificate I receive and TTT/24262 is my certificate number. Now I am officially a certified HRDF trainer, I am eligible to conduct corporate training with the topic of my expertise.

HRDF Train The Trainer Certification

The New Trainer Development Framework

Well, the train the trainer program and certification is straightforward at this moment, yet suppose this year 2020, HRDF will have a new development framework whereby the process will be different and the passing process will be more difficult to ensure the quality of the trainer. Because of MCO (Movement Control Order) this year, and such a pandemic moment, HRDF postpone the new trainer development framework to 2021.

Which mean who ever interested to become a certified HRDF trainer, you will still go through what I describe earlier, join the trainer the trainer program, a straightforward 5 day certification course, and next year will be a different story 🙂 Hope my sharing above guide you how to become a HRDF certified trainer, good luck for your trainer career.

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Anyway, if you interest to look for Digital Marketing training for your corporate marketing training, or you are seeking for team building trainer or facilitator in Penang. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

How I Become a MDEC’s Trainer Mon, 31 Aug 2020 03:51:55 +0000 I started my digital journey since 2007, that time commonly knowns as “Online Marketing” or “Internet Marketing” until lately “Digital Marketing” turn into a very fancy term in Digital world. Since I am a practitioner all this time, I always wish to share my experience and knowledge to my industries; Until 2018, I officially become a certified eUsahawan trainer from MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporate).

eusahawan train the trainer course

How To Become a Certified MDEC’s Trainer for eUsahawan Program?

At first, I have to submit my application as trainer since 2015 when I get to know MDEC have a program call eUsahawan course. It has been a long waiting time, sending several follow up to MDEC request for status and so on. On 2018, I was shortlisted and been invited to take part in the train the trainer program organize by MDEC and successfully become certified MDEC trainer for eUsahawan program.

In short, eUsahawan course is a Digital Marketing course, guide the public community either individual, house wife, small business owner to bring their business online by using the available digital platform. My role as a trainer from MDEC is to organize eUsahawan Course in Penang.

Topic such as fundamental of digital marketing, social media marketing (SMM), social media advertising (SMA), email marketing, website marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), is a very good digital marketing course for those who wish to learn digital transformation, this program also fully funded by MDEC.

eUsahawan Train The Trainer Program Penang

For my batch, approximate 20+ participant participate in eUsahawan train the trainer course in Penang, we enjoy 5 day training from the few experience master trainer. End of the session, we have a written test and partially of the participant successfully certified them self as eUsahawan trainer and eligible to conduct eUsahawan course for their community.

I am one of the success candidate and that how I become a MDEC trainer for eUsahawan program in 2018; officially certified as an eUsahawan trainer. Below is my certificate of completion as well as my badge as a trainer.

MDEC Train The Trainer Certification

eUsahawan Trainer Badge

eUsahawan Trainer from MDEC

After I certified as MDEC Trainer, I have organized total seven eUsahawan course in Penang at 2018, in collaboration with a training center name Info-Trek Penang and a co-working space name aCAT Penang, both of this organization sponsored venue for this eUsahawan program

While in 2019, I was invited as a speaker for “The Future Of Ecommerce for SMEs“, organize by CIMB and CIMB foundation to local SMEs in both Penang & Johor, follow by invite this SMEs’owner to join eUsahawan course, help them to bring their business online as well as digital transformation.

I am proud as a MDEC Trainer

Below several short videos we created during our eUsahawan course in Penang and Johor 2019. As a trainer from MDEC, I am proud to cultivate over 160+ entrepreneurs and share my knowledge & experience to them via eUsahawan program.

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in Info-Trek, Penang

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in The Venture Co-Working Space, Penang

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in Paperwalls Southkey, Johor

Above is the eUsahawan course organize in Iskandarspace Medini, Johor

Well, after becoming a MDEC trainer, eUsahawan course is a very good stepping stone for me to venture into training field, I started to built my trainer career and my next target is to become a HRDF trainer, also known as PSMB trainer or corporate trainer, where I can offered my digital marketing training to corporate user. Read more on my next post where I share how to become a HRDF certified trainer.

Anyway, if you looking for a MDEC Trainer either in Penang or any state in Malaysia, require digital marketing training or services, please do note hesitate to in touch with me 🙂

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Creating Awesome Menus and Tooltips using Divi Mega Pro Sun, 12 Jul 2020 04:53:22 +0000 As a Divi user, some how I am struggling to create a stunning menus and tooltips for my website, now i found this Divi menus and tooltips plugin called Divi Mega Pro.

By a company name Divi Life, one of the product name Divi Mega Pro, a brand-new plugin for creating awesome mega menus to mega tooltips and so much more using the Divi Builder. Divi Mega Pro gives you access to the power of Divi in a new and incredibly useful way, giving your users more options for content with just a simple hover click or touch.

divi mega pro

Divi Mega Pro, a Divi Menus and Tooltips Plugin

Divi Mega Pro allows you to create beautiful full-featured mega menus using the Divi Builder, this means you can craft and gorgeous mega meetings using the Builder you already know and love; Divi Mega Pro lets you create gorgeous mega menus with text, images, maps, tabs, toggles, products, forms and anything else you can think of.

While mega menus are the most obvious use for Divi Mega Pro, it’s really just the beginning with the power of the Divi builder combined with the functionality of Divi Mega Pro ,Divi Life proud to introduce an entirely new way to display content on your website, the mega tooltip. Well, this divi menus and tooltips plugin is really your savvier right?

Mega tooltips are like classic tooltips and that they conveniently give your visitors and the information they need, while keeping them in the same place on the same page, but since you’re using the Divi builder to create the tooltip, it becomes a mega tooltip and you can add so much more than just text and images.

Divi Mega Pro comes feature-packed, letting you easily craft the perfect mega mini or mega tooltip, choose to trigger your mega content with the hover or a click and top or bottom positioning, plus you can choose hover or click for your exit trick or two and even set an exit delay for added user experience.

Divi Mega Pro also gives you the ultimate control over the width of your mega content, letting you select a preset width or a custom width and of course no mega menu or tooltip builder is complete without the ability to add an arrow and customize its shape, color and size; but that’s not all, the Divi Mega Pro also includes a built-in close button customizer for those larger mega minions or mega tooltips, lots of gorgeous animation options, even beautiful pre-designed templates that you can use as a head start for crafting your mega minis or mega tooltips.

Plus Divi Life also have built-in compatibility for their other popular Divi products such as Divi overlays and Divi bars

if you can build it in the Divi builder you can display it with Divi Mega Pro, Divi Life couldn’t be more excited about the new possibilities that Divi Mega Pro brings to Divi websites and Divi Life can’t wait for you to get your hands on.

Until today, I am still proud to be a Divi user. I you also a Divi user, looking for this Divi menus and tooltips plugin, check out Divi Mega Pro!

Meanwhile, if you wish to try also other plugin from Divi Life, eg Divi Overlays, Divi Bars, Dashboard Welcome, logo swap, coming soon and Divi admin color scheme, you might want to consider getting Divi Life All Access Pass. Check out below video for more info.

Your Off-Pages SEO is wasted without proper indexing Sun, 31 May 2020 03:42:49 +0000 Yeah yeah… all SEO “Guru” tell you the important of On-Page SEO, and most of them told you back links is important for Off-Page SEO, but how many of them teach you where to build your back links? Some say yes, “Who and who” share some method to create back links, or watch some SEO YouTube channel teach about link building strategies; Yet most of them does not tell you why back links need indexing, the important of indexing back links!

Why Back Links Need Indexing

Why Back Links Need Indexing?

Did you know that you’re probably wasting 50% or more of your link-building time and money? There is a very simple solution to this problem that most SEO gurus keep to themselves!

Most people don’t realize that google doesn’t see the entire web or perhaps not yet seen it; In fact, there is an entire part of the internet called The Deep Web! That earns that name precisely because Google and other search engines don’t know about it!

Where do you think all these fresh links live that you’ve bought are made? Right in the middle of that Deep Web, by just creating a bunch of links isn’t enough to help your rankings, you could have:

  • The highest quality links
  • The best anchor text diversity
  • The most effective drip rate and
  • The best on-page optimization

But if Google doesn’t happen to stumble across all of those links that you’re building, you aren’t getting credit for them and of course if Google doesn’t know about them, your site’s ranking also will not improve!

Important of indexing back links

That’s exactly why we need to index our back links. Indexing services usually make Google find all of your links on a schedule that you determine, the concept is as simple as it can be:

  1. Build your links,
  2. Paste your links into indexing services dashboard,
  3. The indexing service will drip your links out to Google, some allow you to schedule it, as fast as you want,
  4. They will watch to see when Google comes to find your links and
  5. They continually contact Google until all of your links are found!

Indexing services will be that missing piece that can dramatically improve your SEO results, it’s like a magnifying glass that focuses google on all of your link building, it makes the good tactics work even better and quickly exposes any bad tactics you may be using!

Now you know why back links need indexing and the important of indexing services? Don’t waste time and money to build links that are never found! Your Off-Pages SEO is wasted without proper indexing of your back links. Apart from using indexing services, one of the indexing method is using ping method, I have also mentioned in my previous post “Have your website been indexed?

What you waiting for? What you supposed to do next is to gather the list of link where you build your back link, submit into indexing services of use ping method to ping them, let search engine know your back links is existed!

I will share some link indexing services here later on, do bookmark this page and come back later 🙂


Which Hosting Provider Best For Divi WordPress? Fri, 22 May 2020 05:30:27 +0000 I am proud to be a Divi user! Let me recap again why I choose Divi!

  1. Top 3 WordPress page builder in the world
  2. License is lifetime access with unlimited WordPress site.
  3. Ton of layout to choose from

Well, a lot Divi user also asks which hosting best for Divi WordPress site? If you are looking for great WordPress hosting that works flawlessly with Divi WordPress and comes with automatic Divi installation. Now Elegant Themes have the perfect solution for you! We have 3 Best hosting for Divi WordPress.

Best Hosting For Divi WordPress

Best Hosting For Divi WordPress

Elegant Themes partnered with their favorite WordPress hosts to give Divi user a simple way to create Divi websites that are fast, backed by a modern hosting infrastructure that meets all of Divi’s requirements and supported by leading WordPress professionals.

There are a lot of hosting options out there and they aren’t all created equal, Elegant Themes help their customers every day deal with hosting related compatibility issues that can be incredibly frustrating, every Divi user needs hosting to use Divi and your hosting experience doesn’t need to be a struggle.

So what is Divi hosting in a nutshell? Put simply Divi hosting is great WordPress hosting, provided by Elegant Themes’s favorite WordPress hosts, fine-tuned to be Divi optimized, and able to be integrated with your elegant themes’ account, to provide automatic Divi WordPress installation, license key generation, and product activation directly within the hosting dashboard.

Meaning that you can get your website up and running quickly and enjoy using Divi WordPress without having to worry about anything else, Divi is amazing WordPress site builder, and it’s even better on a great Divi hosting.

So which hosting best for Divi WordPress that recommended by Elegant Themes? Below have a list of 3 best hosting for Divi WordPress recomended by Elegant Themes.

SiteGround Web Hosting

Divi Hosting Siteground

Siteground Divi WordPress hosting is most affordable pricing among this 3, it also consider industrial leader in web hosting since 2004.

Pressable Web Hosting

Pressable Hosting

FlyWheel Web Hosting

FlyWheel Hosting



Digital Marketing Mastery Study Guide Sun, 17 May 2020 03:02:50 +0000 Unfortunately I miss the boat, I did not complete Digital Marketing Mastery course and certified as Digital Marketing Specialist; Yet I get this copy of Digital Marketing Mastery Exam Guide from a friend. There is 75 exam question for this certification and you require completing 75% to pass the exam.

Digital Marketing Mastery

Digital Marketing Mastery Exam Guide

>>Look for an answer?<<

1. Which of the following is a role of traditional marketing?
Generate awareness.
Optimize Google for search engine results.
Improve communication through digital channels like email.
Community management through digital channels.

2. Which of the following is the role of digital marketing?
Communications & PR.
Branding/Brand Development.
Generate awareness through advertising.
Attract and engage prospects, convert leads into customers and transform buyers into raving fans.

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the three critical questions?
How will you articulate your value to your target market?
Whom do you serve?
How will you acquire customers predictably and profitably?
How will we get our leads to customers as quickly as possible?

4. Which of the following tools for modern marketers helps you understand who you serve?
Core Message Canvas.
Before and After Grid.
Customer Value Journey.
Customer Avatar Canvas.

5. Which of the following tools for modern marketers helps you understand how you will articulate your value?
Before and After Grid.
Customer Avatar Canvas.
Customer Value Journey.
Core Message Canvas.

>>Look for an answer?<<

6. Which of the following tools for modern marketers helps you understand how you will acquire customers from scratch?
Customer Value Journey.
Customer Avatar Canvas.
Before and After Grid.
Core Message Canvas.

7. Which marketing tool helps you understand your customers?
Core Messaging Canvas
Customer Insight Canvas
Customer Value Journey
Customer Avatar Canvas

8. Figuring out information like age, occupation, income, education, etc falls under which portion of your customer avatar?
Key Purchase Drivers
Wants & Aspirations
Demographics & Interest
Frustrations & Fears

9. Which of the following is the purpose of the Customer Avatar tool?
To know who your business is serving.
To know how to sell your product.
To know “the why” of your business.
To know when is the best time to send emails.

10. People don’t buy products or services, they buy ____________.
your message
your core value

>>Look for an answer?<<

11. Which step of the Before & After grid do most marketers stop after completing?
What they have.
What their status is.
What their average day is like.
What they feel.

12. Which of the following aspects of the Before & Grid helps you tell a story?
Average Day
Good v. Evil

13. How many Core Messaging Canvas should you have per persona and per product?

14. Which of the following aspects of the Before & Grid helps you discover figure out the emotions of your customer?
Good v. Evil

15. Which of the following marketing tools helps you figure out your messaging to your customers?
Customer Avatar Canvas
Customer Insight Canvas
Core Messaging Canvas
Customer Value Journey

>>Look for an answer?<<

16. Which of the following questions is NOT a question in the Jobs to Be Done Framework?
So I can ______
This will benefit _______
I want to ________
When ______

17. At the end of the day, the point of our marketing campaigns should be about forming _____________ with our customers.

18. When it comes to selling, what question do you need to ask yourself when it comes to forming solid relationships with your leads?
Does my customer like my brand?
Are you skipping steps?
Is my core offer solid?
What is the best way to maximize my upsell?

19. When it comes to “business intimacy” how many stages are we trying to move our potential customers through?

20. All business selling is ____________.
business to business
human to human
human to business
business to consumer

>>Look for an answer?<<

21. Which stage of the CVJ is akin to “a glance turning into a stare?”

22. Which of the following is NOT a lead magnet?
A free trial of your product
Webinar Registration
Gated Video Series (Mini-Class)
Downloadable Report

23. What are the 2 methods of commitment at the Conversion stage?
Money & Commitment
Time & Money
Time & Commitment
Purchase & Commitment

24. What type of moment do we want our customers to have at the Excite stage, that turns a “nice-to-have” into a “must-have?”
Moment of excitement
Ah-ha moment
Moment of solitude
Moment of clarity

25. Which of the following is NOT a revenue maximizer at the Ascend stage?

>>Look for an answer?<<

26. The best way to optimize your CVJ at any time is to optimize __________ at a time.
the bottom 3 of the CVJ
the middle of the CVJ
one stage
whichever stage is causing you not to make sales

27. What is the main goal of content marketing?
To create valuable content to engage your audience for your brand.
To create valuable content that you turn around and market to your potential prospects.
To create content that can only be marketed to a niche.
To create copy that is able to help sell your product.

28. Which of the following is NOT a type of content marketing?
YouTube Channel
Transactional Email

29. Which of the following stages of the CVJ can content marketing have the biggest impact?

30. Which of the following makes up “the voice” of your content?
Personal Signatures
All of the Above

>>Look for an answer?<<

31. What tool do you want to develop that helps your company maintain consistency and congruence?
Content Guide
Customer Value Journey
Style Guide
Marketing Guide

32. When you start running ads in your content, you now are running a _____________ strategy for your content.
All of the Above

33. When it comes to podcast what KPIs should you be looking at?

34. Which of the following stages does social media fall under in the CVJ?
All of the Above

35. What is the purpose of traffic when it comes to the engagement stage of the CVJ?
To amplify your reach and increase your authority.
To drive an audience to your content.
To start and nurture conversations.
To build the perfect blog template to monetize your content.

>>Look for an answer?<<

36. Which of the following is NOT a small commitment at the social media subscribe stage?
Join an email list.
Subscribe to a newsletter.
To advocate for your brand.
Register for a webinar.

37. Which of the following social media channels is designed for more B2B interactions?

38. When it comes to your audience on social channels, what should be your main focus?
What is the best way to monetize my content?
What is the easiest way to sell your product or service?
What’s valuable to them?
What is the easiest way to quickly and seamlessly move your customers through the CVJ?

39. Which of the following social channels should your content be video-based?

40. Which of the following engagement metrics should you focus on when it comes to Instagram?

>>Look for an answer?<<

41. Which stages can paid media be used on the CVJ?
Every stage of the CVJ
Only the middle areas: Convert, Excite, and Ascend
Only the bottom 3: Aware, Engage, and Subscribe
The first 6: Aware, Engage, Subscribe, Convert, Excite, and Ascend

42. Digital Advertising at the Subscribe stage, doesn’t have to just use email addresses to get subscribers. What is another digital tool that can get subscribers?

43. Which of the following mediums are active research/intent to buy?

44. Leveraging LinkedIn is a great practice for lead generation, specifically for _______.

45. Which digital channel can you use for the Advocate stage?
Google Ads

>>Look for an answer?<<

46. What are the 3 core elements of creative when it comes to digital advertising?
Ideation, emotion, and intention
Ideation, intention, and imitation
People, positioning, and process
People, ideation, and intention

47. What are the 3 pillars of paid media?
Lead Magnet, swipe file, and value
Offer, creative, and people
People, positioning, and process
Offer, audience, and creative

48. Ideally you want to keep your CTA to non-CTA links as close to _______ as possible.
10 – 10
5 – 5
1 – 1
2 – 2

49. What is THE main goal of design when it comes to paid media?
Stop the scroll and get the click.
Always follow the style guide.
Adsense is unified among all campaigns.
Congruence across all social platforms.

50. Which of the following elements is NOT part of your style guide?

>>Look for an answer?<<

51. In order to generate awareness with your SEO, you need to be ________ on Google.

52. In order to build authority on Google, what do we need to build to achieve this?
Press Releases
SEO Email Campaigns

53. Which of the following is an Off-Page SEO technique?
Press Release
PDF Sharing
Forum Posting
All of the Above

54. Which of the following Technical SEO techniques helps Google identify the original URL to help avoid duplicate content?
DeepCrawl File
Robots.txt File
Site URL Tag
Canonical Tag

55. Which of the following is NOT one of Google’s ranking factors?
Meta descriptions
Title Tags

>>Look for an answer?<<

56. Which of the following is something you can do with your email campaign at the Engage Stage?
Tease your Welcome Email or Series
Highlight your company’s best content.
Upsell them to a higher dollar offer from your company.
Have them become a promoter for your company.

57. What type of email marketing campaign would you want to leverage at the Convert and Excite Stage?
Welcome Series
Conversion Series
Engagement Series
Re-Engagement Series

58. Which of the following is NOT a type of email you can use as a tool for your different campaigns?
Ascension Email
Relational Email
Promotional Email
Transactional Email

59. Which of the following is an example of a type of relational email you can send to your subscribers?
Billing Request
Promotional Sale
Invoices or Receipts
Weekly Newsletter

60. A major benefit of a Re-Engagement Email can help you maintain your ________.
promotional emails
list hygiene
engaged leads
open rates

>>Look for an answer?<<

61. Which of the following defines “Open Rates” when it comes to email marketing KPIs?
The number of unique opens you get on an email campaign.
The number of opens you get for one particular email on a particular email campaign.
The number of unique clicks you get on a unique email campaign.
The number of unique clicks on a link in a unique email campaign.

62. When it comes to optimizing any of the email marketing KPIs, the number one thing you can do for EVERY KPI is _________.

63. What is “the end goal” of an email and the copywriting strategy that you use to write your emails?
Get more subscribers.
Sell more products.
Get the click.
Get Open Rates higher

64. Which of the following is a strategy to help create a framework for a winning email campaign?
Avoid hooks and “salesy” language.
Add an outro or a sign-off.
Use emojis in your subject line as pattern-interrupts.
Outline your sequence.

65. In order to make your Call-To-Actions the most effective, what should use MOST of the time to generate action when writing your copy?
A noun.
An adjective.
A verb.
A preposition.

>>Look for an answer?<<

66. Which of the following is a key aspect of an Awareness community?
Multiple barriers or multiple criteria for entry or to join.
Zero/Few barriers to entry or join.
Small and inclusive community.
Only people who have made a purchase can join.

67. Which of the following communities is one of the trickiest communities to create?
Subscribe Communities
Excite Communities
Engage Communities
Awareness Communities

68. An Excite/Ascend Community is usually a __________ type of community.

69. Which of the following groups in a community come to a group to absorb content but typically don’t contribute?
Regular Contributors
Infrequent Contributors
New Members

70. What is one major responsibility of Reactive Moderation?
Be transparent in your actions.
Discourage/Remove Trolls.
Create guidelines.
Use positive reinforcement.

>>Look for an answer?<<

71. How many top level metrics should you be looking to track at each level of the CVJ?
1 – 10
3 – 5
3 – 10
1 – 3

72. Lead Measures need to be ____________ & _______________ that impact lag measures.

73. Which of the following would be considered a “top of the funnel” lagging metric?
New visitors
CPL (Cost Per Lead)
Email list size
MQL to SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to (Sales Qualified Lead)

74. Retention is the idea of focusing on keeping customers or buyers and reducing _______.

75. Which tool can you use that will show you where users are clicking on your site?
Tracking Cookie
Heat Map
Landing Pages

>>Look for an answer?<<

My friend has completed this exam at 55 of 75 questions are correct with 76%. Since I did not complete, this round I do not have a certificate to show.

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