Digital Marketing Trainer Your Gateway To Digital Marketing Future Wed, 14 Apr 2021 10:29:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Digital Marketing Trainer 32 32 What Is B2B Email Marketing and Why Should You Care? Wed, 14 Apr 2021 10:29:10 +0000 Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with customers and reach out to prospects with information that will catch their interest. It allows you to build and increase awareness around your brand and product, conduct lead generation, and begin or continue conversations with people who might be interested in your product. Additionally, email marketing is measurable. While the ultimate success metric for any type of marketing is purchase, B2B email marketing provides multiple lenses through which you can measure improvement and success as you nurture prospects along the way.

b2b email marketing

So What Is B2B Email Marketing?

Common types of business to business email marketing include:

  1. Drip emails – These emails are sent out, typically as part of a larger marketing campaign, on a regular schedule (for example, monthly or quarterly). Drip emails often include content such as white papers, ebooks, and case studies. If part of an evolving message campaign, the emails are generally sent out at two to three week intervals over a quarter, working to expand your prospect’s understanding and possibly move them along the buyer’s journey.
  2. Emails for online and offline events – These include save-the-dates, invitations, registration reminders, and follow-ups for in-person events and things like webinars, webcasts, etc.
  3. Newsletters – These emails typically recur on a monthly or a bi-monthly basis. They usually contain news, product updates, or other features of interest to customers and prospects.

Regardless of which type of email you are developing, certain principles and best practices apply across the board. In the next sections, we will cover some of these best practices.

know your audience

Know Your Audience and Make Sure You Reach Them

As with all other marketing work, start with getting to know your audience. An understanding of your audience will provide you with a compass to reference as you build your B2B email marketing plan. You may use these questions as guideline:

  • What are your audience’s business roles? Do they belong to the c-suite? Are they in decision-making positions? Are their titles executive, president, director, manager, practitioner? Some combination of these?
  • What are your audience’s key pain points? How does your product address these pain points?
  • What type of content does your audience enjoy? Infographics, newsletters, case studies, ebooks, or maybe white papers? Do they prefer long-form or short-form? Do they like to read or would they rather watch a video?
  • What type of wording gets your audience’s attention? Is there industry-specific vernacular that you should be using?

After you develop an understanding of your audience, you may want to segment your email lists so you can implement a targeted content approach. It’s also important to keep your lists updated. Integrate email address acquisition into your prospecting strategy, so you and your team have goals for collecting addresses during networking events and tradeshows, during inbound calls and cold calls, and on appropriate webpages.

content is king

Create Compelling Content

If you agree Content is King? Knowing what type of content to include in your email starts with knowing your audience well. After you have a good handle on your audience and the types of content they are bound to engage with, there are a few general best practices to keep in mind:

  • Keep your writing professional but conversational. Introducing too much promotional or salesy language into your content can be an instant turnoff for a reader. Instead, take a conversational tone. Aim to inform rather than to sell. While your content should always strive to position your product and company as a thought leader, it should also contain information useful to your readers, whether or not they decide to purchase.
  • Choose your words wisely.
    • Leave out buzzwords, superlative adjectives, or other language that might leave your writing feeling overly promotional or impersonal. If, however, you found industry-specific vernacular that speaks to your audience, feel free to use it.
    • Be concise.
    • Avoid words, phrases, and styles that can cause your email to be treated as spam. Spam filters look for items like exclamation points, the use of all-capital letters, and words such as “free” and “act now” in the subject line.
    • Create subject lines that are short and catchy. Be clear about what recipients will get by opening the email.
    • Develop a clear Call To Action (CTA)
  • Keep the buyer’s journey top of mind. If you can track where your recipients are in the buyer’s journey, you can structure your efforts so you’re providing the right people with the right information at the right time. For instance, if someone is just hearing about your company for the first time, a webinar on a specific facet of your product may not lead to much engagement. Instead, a customer case study, infographic, or data sheet might be more appropriate. On the other hand, if recipients have already investigated your product and are further along in the sales funnel, you want to provide content that speaks to their industry and enables them to more easily build a case for your product to their organization’s decision-makers.
  • Plan to use colorful, engaging imagery to break up text when appropriate. If you include a video asset, insert an image and a CTA, such as “Watch Now.”

business to business email marketing

Plan Your Email Template

Once you know your audience, it’s time to make decisions about your email templates.

It’s important to note that your emails communicate messages on multiple levels. At the most basic level, your copy, from subject line to signature, is communicating straightforward information to your audience. Taking a few steps back, everything in your email, from the font you use to the images you include (or don’t include), sends subtle communications to your recipients about your brand.

As you develop your email templates, here are a few things to consider for email template:

  • HTML or plain text. Will your emails be plain text, HTML, or a combination of both? Because it is less likely to trigger spam filters and is universally readable by all email clients, plain text is preferable for drip emails. For newsletters or event invitations, on the other hand, using HTML allows you to create more aesthetically complex designs that are bound to grab your readers’ attention.
  • Copy arrangement. Time is a sparse commodity for readers today. So make it easy for them. Focus on writing brief, punchy, digestible copy. This means short sentences, short paragraphs, and wherever possible, bullet points or lists.
  • Image-to-text ratio. In some cases, like drip campaigns, images might not be necessary. With other types of emails, like newsletters or event invitations, images could serve as great engagement tools. Paying attention to when images serve to engage and when they serve to obscure your messaging will go a long way.
  • CAN-SPAM Act regulations. Your template should incorporate elements necessary for complying with the CAN-SPAM Act, such as a valid physical postal address and a clear way to unsubscribe.
  • Contact information. You may want to include multiple ways for your prospects to contact you, such as a campaign-specific phone number, email address, or webpage.
  • CTAs. Your email will most likely contain a CTA. You may want to decide on a special CTA font or button type. You may also want to think about its placement.
  • Social media icons, widgets, and links. Include icons, widgets, or links to your company’s social media properties, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Testing. Different email clients, browsers, and devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers) respond differently to different types of formatting. Test for potential formatting issues across a variety of email clients, browsers, and devices.

Include a Call to Action (CTA)

All emails should contain a CTA, a next step your reader can take to follow up or engage with you. A CTA might be something simple, like a link to free online content. Then again, it might be something more complicated, like a reminder to register for an event or a button to request quotes, information, demonstrations, or free trials for your product. To motivate your prospects to act on some CTAs, you may want to even offer an incentive.

Whatever your CTA is, its placement in your email is critical. Your readers must be able to find it quickly and know where it will lead them. Toaccomplish this, place your CTA close to either the top or bottom of the email. Use a different font, button style, or hyperlinked text to help your CTA stand out. Additionally, make sure the CTA is clear, telling readers what will happen, what they will receive, or what their next step will be.

Here are a few examples:

  • Schedule a demo
  • Register for the webinar
  • Get the ebook

Make Your Results Measurable, follow by Test, Measure, and Optimize

Measuring the results of email marketing endeavors gives you insight into what you did well and where you can improve.

To make sure you’re tracking results tied to your campaign, you may want to develop a campaign-specific landing page, use tracking links, or have a distinct campaign reply-to email address or phone number.

Marketing automation tools that can help you track the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts include Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce Pardot, Mailingboss and HubSpot. Though each of these tools provides slightly different capabilities, they all enable you to track useful metrics. (You may have goals set already, but if you don’t, you can also use these metrics to help set future goals.)

Here are some common metrics to track your B2B email marketing campaign:

  • Open rate – This metric tracks the number of times your email was opened in recipients’ inboxes.
  • Time spent on email (email open time) – Some metrics track the amount of time readers spend with your email. For instance, a reader may open your email, spend two seconds looking at it, and move on. Then again, a reader may spend 10 seconds or more actually reading your email. Knowing how much time a reader spends with your email can help you adjust your email strategy for future campaigns.
  • Click-through rate – This takes you a step deeper into metrics than the open rate. Your readers may be opening your email but never clicking links or the CTA. The click-through rate tells you how many readers clicked a specific link in your email in ratio to how many just opened the email.
  • Time spent on landing page – Someone may click a link, but that’s only part of the journey. You want to see if people are reading the information on your landing page. If they leave immediately, you may need to make some tweaks. Your landing page may not be delivering on the promise in your email.
  • Forwards – This lets you see how often your email was forwarded by your recipients. Forwarded emails are often a sign that your content is compelling enough for your readers to want to share it out with their own networks.

If you have a large contact list, try splitting your list into two for an A/B test. Then you can send unique emails to each group to test performance. While you can test many things (subject lines, CTA language or design, messaging, and offerings), it’s best to test only one thing at a time. For instance, if you’re testing the CTA button color, don’t also change the CTA language and/or the subject line. Use your results to optimize your campaign deliverables or help shape future B2B email marketing campaigns.

Execution Plan For Your B2B Email Marketing

So now you know what is B2B email marketing, what is the next execution plan? Coming up next

8 Steps For Your Social Selling Tue, 30 Mar 2021 08:01:53 +0000 Social Selling is a new verb, by using social media to interact directly with your prospects, customers, and other influencers with the goal of providing value, demonstrating leadership and building relationships. Let me share you the 8 step you need for your social selling strategies.

social selling strategies

8 Steps to Effective Social Selling Strategies

1. Update your profiles
Did you know that according to the research, 81% of potential buyers are more likely to interact with a well establish professional brand? It’s critical that your social profiles are up to date and authentically written with your customers in mind. Showcase your real passions and talents! Updating your LinkedIn profile is a great place to start. (Welcome to connect with me via LinkedIn)

Pro Tips: Apart from LinkedIn profile, company fan page, google my business is another few you need to focus. Best is claim your brand in multiple social media. Create an online presence in all type of social media channel.

social media channel

2. Clean up your network
Fill your social networks with important decision-makers, influencers, and colleagues in your professional world. Connect with those you know and follow those that you want to know. These connections make it easier to build new relationships and demonstrate your value.

Pro tips: Some might have multiple career, for example “an engineer at morning, singer at night”, I would suggest you segregate your profile.

3. Monitor your networks
Begin a regular cadence of monitoring your social networks for insights and engagement opportunities. Scan your newsfeeds in LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for conversations that interest you. Remember, you usually don’t need permission to follow, listen, and learn from others.

4. Engage
Like, comment, and share generously but with meaning and purpose. The more interest you show in others, the more they’ll view your profile, read your posts, and engage back. This is a great way to build proximity and trust.

Pro tips: Share relevant news that you think it benefit to your networks, re-share/re-tweet other’s post is also another good approach. You might interested to find out my 12 social media content strategies in my Social Media Marketing Course.

5. Share your voice
When you share great content that matters to you and your networks, it works to build your reputation, credibility, and visibility. Consider the topics you want to be known for and the topics your followers care about. Whether you’re sharing other people’s content or creating your own, personalize every post to make it authentically you. For example, top up with your own thought, get your audience to share their thought as well. Such engagement will definitely helps on your social selling strategies.

6. Listen and learn
Determine your cadence for weekly listening, engaging and sharing. Listening will naturally lead to engaging, which leads to ideas for your next post. Determine your best sources of content (for example: industry experts, news outlets, your corporate social channels) and schedule your content sharing at regular intervals.

Pro tips: Listen to your competitor, eventually you can model some of their success move.

7. Take action
Leverage what you learn in social media for stronger, more informed engagement on all communication channels. What you learn might lead to ideas for original posts or videos. Prioritize the channels you use based on your customers’ preferences.

8. Reap the benefits!
It’s a simple equation: Engage authentically, and your networks will grow, relationships will deepen, and you will be seen as an expert and an influencer!

Hope this 8 effective step to social selling strategies bring you success on your social media marketing.

Cisco Black Belt Switching Presales Stage 1 Quiz Sun, 28 Mar 2021 08:38:46 +0000 As I mention in earlier post, I have complete Cisco Black Belt Distributor last year and complete Cisco Black Belt Collaboration Presales Stage 1 earlier this month and I have completed another Black belt switching presales stage 1 today. If you interested on this course and certification, you may access via:

I have completed this course and obtain my self another Cisco blackbelt’s certificate:

Cisco Blackbelt Switching Certificate

Cisco Black Belt Switching Presales Stage 1 Quiz

Q1. What are the key ‘Cloud’ innovations in Catalyst 9k switches? Select 2
Fabric enables wireless
Full NetFlow for Cisco Stealthwatch
256-bit MACsec

Q2. Which of the below ‘Security’ features would you pitch to a customer to convince him to migrate from Catalyst 2960-X switches to Catalyst 9200 Switches? Select 3
Cisco TrustSec
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
Security Group Access Control List (SGACL)
First-Hop Security (FHS)

Q3. Which of the below are key use cases of a Wired Client Sensor? Choose 3
Troubleshooting network problems reported by user
Non-stop routing
Network Latency measurement
Real time monitoring of network from user’s perspective
Secure remote workforce solution

Q4. A customer is migrating from Cisco Catalyst 6800 switch to a scalable, SSO supported Catalyst 9000 Switching platform. Which would be the most suitable Catalyst 9k switch option for this customer?
Catalyst 9600 Series Switch
Catalyst 9500 Series Switch
Catalyst 9400 Series Switch
Catalyst 9200 Series Switch

Q5. What are the key ‘Security’ innovations in Catalyst 9k switches? Select 2
Fabric enabled wireless
Full NetFlow for Cisco Stealthwatch
256-bit MACsec

Q6. Which of the below are key differentiators for power supplies in Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches?
Fast PoE
Perpetual PoE
1900W AC PSU in C9300
Power available from AC+DC Source
All the above

Q7. What is the order of processing Access Control List (ACL) from a source to destination on the Ingress side in a Catalyst 9000 Switch? PACL: Port Based ACL; GACL: Group/Client ACL; VACL: Vlan Based ACL

Q8. What role does Catalyst 9200 switch play in SD-Access fabric?
Control Plane node
Border node
Fabric edge node
None of the above

Q9. Which of the below Access Control List (ACL) on Catalyst 9000 Switch is used for permitting or denying the users coming-in and going-out of the network?
Service ACL
Security ACL
Authentication ACL

Q10. What is the maximum stacking bandwidth in Catalyst 9200 Series Switches?
Upto 180 Gbps
Upto 160 Gbps
Upto 100 Gbps
Upto 80 Gbps

Q11. Which of the below feature of Catalyst 9000 Switching helps in Inventory management?
Access Control List (ACL)
MACSec 256
Buil in RFID

Q12. The Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst 9000 switches can be deployed in which of the following ways?
High Availability Stateful Switchover (HA SSO)
N+1 Redundancy
Single Switch
All the above

Q13. Which of the below models of Catalyst 9300 Series Switches support 90W UPOE+?

Q14. What are the management capabilities available for Catalyst 9000 Switches?
Cisco DNA Center
Command – Line Interface (CLI)
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
All the above
CLI and WebUI Only

Q15. In a Campus LAN Design, which of the below layers provide wired and wireless connectivity?
Core Layer
Access Layer
Distribution Layer
Any of the above

Note: I completed this Cisco Black Belt Switching Presales Stage 1 Quiz at Mar 2021. Question might be change from time to time.

If you pursuing Cisco Blackbelt, you may also interest to find out Cisco Black belt collaboration Presales Stage 1 Quiz

Why WhatsApp For Business is Important? Wed, 24 Mar 2021 12:56:19 +0000 Looking for a better way to connect with your customers and showcase your products and services? check out the WhatsApp business application and it’s business profile feature.

whatsapp business feature

Here’s how to get started, install the WhatsApp business application either from the google play store or apple app store, if you already have a WhatsApp messenger account you can move your media and chat history to the WhatsApp business application in just a few steps. You may also refer my step by step migration from WhatsApp to WhatsApp business, from backup to google drive until restoration. After done, you may enjoy the 8 WhatsApp business feature, I guarantee it will definitely benefit for your business.

If you’re new to WhatsApp, verify your number to create an account, after verifying your number fill out your business name and business category and data profile picture then tap next, now it’s time to start building your business profile

Business profile will work as a micro website in WhatsApp, use your business profile to tell customers about your business, where to find you, and the products and services that your business offers.

You may also tell them when you’re available, your opening hour, and share details like your business email, website or social media accounts, so your customer know about other ways to connect with you.

The unique features in business profile help you save time and energy allowing you to focus on what really matters, connecting with your customers, increasing sales and growing your business, check out the business settings menu for more tools to help drive your business.

List Of 8 WhatsApp Business Feature:

  1. Business profile
  2. Catalogue
  3. Away message
  4. Greeting Message
  5. Quick Replies
  6. Labels
  7. short link
  8. Statistics

Checkout below 20 minutes mini course, this FREE course introduction to WhatsApp Business & it’s feature, in this mini course, I have explain the WhatsApp business feature and how it benefit your business.

Cisco Black Belt Collaboration Presales Stage 1 Quiz Fri, 12 Mar 2021 14:15:36 +0000 Last year I completed my Cisco Black Belt Distributor Stage 1, and this year I stated Cisco Black Belt for Collaboration presales stage 1. If you are interested in this course, you may access via this link

I have completed this course and obtain my self a certificate

cisco blackbelt collaboration presales stage 1

Cisco Black Belt Collaboration Presales Stage 1 Quiz

Q1 Webex Calling includes Webex Teams and Meetings.

Q2 Select the size businesses Webex Calling is best suited for?
SMB(<100 Users)
Mid-Market (100-1000)
Large Enterprises(1000+)

Q3 Pick the best fit word for the description : “Webex calling is built on regulatory and compliance standards”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q4 Pick the best fit word for the description : “Simple Transition to the cloud”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q5 Pick the best fit word for the description : “One architecture, all connected devices can be managed through the same Webex system”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q6 Pick the best fit word for the description : “Standardize the way you do business on one platform”.
One Vendor
Simple Management
Migration Flexibility

Q7 Which of the following is not a customer business challenge ?
Service Integration
Easy to manage solution
Consolidated suppliers
None of these

Q8 Affordability and predictability is an example of which communication challenge ?
Easy to manage solution
Minimize Capex and control Opex
Consolidated suppliers
Service Integration

Q9 Which of the following does not describe cloud telephony ?
Calls can be made and taken from any device
Collaboration is possible from any device
A PBX is required
Conferencing is possible from any device

Q10 Who are the competitors in your market today ?
PBX providers, IT providers, hosted UC service providers, OTT players
PBX providers, Software vendors, IT providers, hosted UC service providers
Cable TV companies, phone companies, VOIP providers, wireless vendors
PC manufacturers, tablet computer resellers, Cell Phone vendors, IP-phone vendors

Q11 According to Gartner, how many organizations will choose a cloud calling vendor in the next 24 months ?
None of these

Q12 Which of these is true of UCM cloud global availability?
Data centers in three regions
Orderable in more than 50 countries
Webex Teams is available in 21 languages
All of above are correct

Q13 Large customers might choose a mix of Webex calling and UCM cloud,depending on the customer profile.

Q14 What are partners able to do for their customers ?
Partners can send reports to customers as required or needed
UCM cloud has a multi -tenant partner portal to streamline change management
UCM cloud will support the traditional UCM admin portal to manage devices and services
All of the above

Q15 Which best describes what customers can expect when moving to the cloud ?
Easy to manage solution, service integration, reducing CapEx, consolidate suppliers
No disruption, security, customization, and extended ROI
Security and customization
Security, reducing CapEx, no disruption,easy to manage solution.

Q16 What level of access provides partners with the ability to perform certificate management, view detailed config settings, upload firmware and restart services?
Double secret probation
Privilege level 1
TS Clearance
Level 4 admin

Q17 According to analysts, which of these describe the changing workforce ?
By 2024,teams will rapidly form and disband putting a premium on workforce agility and fluidity
90% of organizations will offer mobility to workers by 2020
82% of Millennials said that workplace technology would influence their choice to accept a new job
All of these are correct

Q18 All of these are responsibility of Cisco except which?
Hosts and operates cloud calling service
Owns the customer relationship
Provides service assurance and availability
Enhances and upgrades service

Q19 Which of these Operations responsibilities belong to Cisco and not the partner ?
Troubleshoot and resolve config issues in UCM cloud
Manage the UCM cloud infrastructure and capacity
Manage the provisioning tools for UCM cloud
Manage all integrations into the UCM cloud

Q20 Which of these is not true of UCM cloud ?
The service can meet the same technical requirements as on-premises UCM while providing increased surviveability and a global footprint
It is designed to be highly customizable and wrapped with partner value added services.
UCM cloud is owned and operated by the carrier/partner
Each customer required a unique private cloud instance and connects via private network

Q21 Which of these represents a greenfield opportunity ?
Current UCM premise or hosted, SWSS renewal flip to the cloud
Private insurance required
Large user base that needs custom multi-year migration
Competitive takeout

Q22 UCM cloud provides a cost effective path to cloud by preserving end – user experiences and endpoint investments.

Note: I completed this Cisco Black Belt Collaboration Presales Stage 1 Quiz at Mar 2021. Question might be change from time to time.

If you pursuing Cisco Blackbelt, you may also interest to find out Cisco Black belt switching Presales Stage 1 Quiz

Claim Your Brand On Multiple Social Media Network Sat, 06 Feb 2021 02:38:53 +0000 For most businesses, creating and maintaining a social media presence has an exceptional benefit – that of generating leads.

But let’s start at the beginning; In order to turn social media into effective lead generation tools, you first need to generate an audience, example:

  • Fans for your Facebook business page
  • Followers for your Twitter account
  • Followers for your Instagram account,
  • Company page on LinkedIn
  • YouTube Channel
  • TikTok Channel
  • Xing
  • Pintest
  • VK
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • and even WhatsApp business account

Claim Your Brand On Multiple Social Media Network

9 methods to increase your reach on social media network

Once you have all this social media network, you may follow this 9 method to increase reach.

1 – Optimize your profile and online presence

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your presence is optimized.

Your profiles and the “About” pages of your social media accounts should be complete: include a clear and concise description of your business, your business logo, attractive cover photo, contact number and your website URL.

2 – Promote your social media accounts everywhere

Promote your business on all of your social networks account: on different pages of your website, on your blog, on the facade of your store or offices, on print ads, on your business cards, in your e-mail marketing messages, and your email signature too.

Many social media networks offer official “Follow” buttons that you can integrate into your website and blog.

If they don’t have one, you can create one yourself and direct them to your social media accounts.

If you refer bottom of my page, there are several icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Page, and Instagram all link to my social media account, respectively.

3 – Share useful and valuable content

It’s not enough to promote your presence, you also need to make sure that your presence is worth following. Your tweets, your posts on Facebook and your news on LinkedIn must therefore offer useful, valuable and engaging content.

Avoid content focused on your product and compose your posts with informative content with the potential to attract more fans and subscribers.

Audiences follow brands on social media because they’re looking for useful information, not just to see your product being promoted.

Regularly assess engagement to determine what content works best for your audience.

4 – Insert social sharing buttons in each content

You need to promote your presence on all available media, but also make it possible for your site visitors and subscribers receiving your emails to share your content with their own networks as easily as possible.

social sharing plugin

Add social sharing buttons (for example, “Share on Facebook”, “Click to Tweet) to all your content:

Make it on every blog post, in your emails, on landing pages offering to download an eBook or webinar, the pages of your eBooks.

May use social sharing plugin (if you are using WordPress like mine). I am using Monarch social sharing plugin from Elegant Themes.

5 – Find, follow and establish relationships with influencers in your sector

Use tools like Twitter Search, and Tweet Grader to classify other Twitter users in your business.

Follow them, participate in discussions and start conversations.

Finally, follow some of the people your followers (and the people you already follow) are following too!

6 – Interact with your subscribers

You must regularly share informative and inspiring content, but also monitor your presence and interact with your fans and subscribers.

Ask questions, be approachable and responsive, and participate in discussions to create a presence your fans will want to follow.

This increases the engagement of your audience, and in the long run increases your leads.

7 – Create a personalized home page on Facebook

Create a custom landing page tab on Facebook that will greet first-time visitors.

Then set the page as your “default destination tab” (the option is available in “manage permissions” when editing your page) and use this tab to encourage new visitors to immediately click Like!

8 – Offer advantages to new subscribers

Studies show that 58% of Facebook users expect exclusive deals on Company Pages.

Consider running promotions and offers that will be exclusively for your fans and followers on social media.

Create a contest on Facebook, also launch an offer on Twitter, which only your followers will be able to obtain.

Regardless of your strategy, users will need to follow you in order to receive specific benefits.

9 – Make use of social locker tools

These are advance strategies, you may provide some lead magnet, such as FREE ebook, voucher or trial services for your audience;

builderall social locker

In order to get it, they require to LIKE and SHARE before they were able to get it.

I am using Builderall‘s social locker for my digital marketing campaign.

Claim Your Brand On Multiple Social Media Network

As a conclusion, we can see that social media account is very useful, ton of new potential audience and follower you can build daily.

If you are aware on omni channel & multi channel strategies, you require to leverage on all this social media account.

Mean that no matter which social media your visitor use, they can find you there.

Indirectly also create another trust, brand awareness toward your audience.

For example, you may find me at

How many social media network should I claim for my business?

If you are new, I would suggest you claim your brand on multiple social media one by one, one at a time.

Just list out the top 5 or 10 Social Media Network that your audience will be

Sign up one by one by one, optimize it, and follow the 9 method above to increase your reach on social media network.

Do You Know?

By having your profile appear in multiple social media will also help your search engine optimization?

Claim Your Brand On Multiple Social Media Network” is one of the checklist in my 100+ SEO Checklist.

comprehensive seo checklist

4 Reason Why SEO Important For Your Business? Sun, 31 Jan 2021 15:35:22 +0000 Business owners will often hear about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it is one of the most important marketing techniques a business can use as it looks to make a mark in the niche. See MOZ for a beginner’s guide to SEO

Well, there are many reasons for its importance, and it’s best to understand this as soon as possible why SEO important for business.

Here are some of the key reasons for why SEO is a must and should be used as a marketing tactic while pursuing new leads.

Why SEO Important For Business?

4 Reason Why SEO Important For Business?

1) Higher Conversion Rate

The conversion rate you are progressing towards will always matter because you are aiming to focus on the bottom line. Those who aren’t focusing on the bottom line will be the ones who are going to struggle the most. A company, such as Blue Corona, has dozens of clients with website conversion rates that exceed 15%!

Think about this and then use SEO to earn more in a shorter period.

Most businesses will spend a lot of money to hit specific conversion numbers, but those aren’t enough at the best of times. Focus in on this and look at going with a solution that is to the point and won’t create issues.

2) Free Leads

You will want free leads and what better way to do this than to go with SEO? It is going to be a real game changer for you and is going to make life easier as you hope to progress.

Those who aren’t getting free leads will hate the direction they’re going in, and that will never work out as intended.

It is best to use SEO and progress with the help of leads that aren’t costing a penny. Even those who decide to hire an SEO company will come out on top because the ranking is going to stay for a long time and leads will continue to come in on a regular basis.

3) Targeted Leads

The third reason is knowing you are going to get meaningful leads rather than random customers who won’t buy or won’t be interested in what you are saying. Lead-generation

This is a real issue with other options and isn’t something you want in your life as a business owner.

Go with a solution such as SEO so you can get those targeted leads. When you are getting leads that are interested, you are not going to sell as hard, and that means more money is there to be made.

4) Builds Brand Credibility

A business is going to struggle if people aren’t aware of it, and that can happen for those who aren’t using SEO. The main thing to look at is building brand credibility through a proven marketing option such as this one. It will help bolster the business and its online presence.

Short-term results aren’t worth it at the best of times, so losing focus on why SEO helps is the reason people struggle.

Building the brand is one of the best things a person can do, and it is a good starting point for any business. Look into SEO and notice how your target audience will begin to recognize the name and all that it has to offer. See HubSpot for a 6-Step Brand Build to Grow Your Business on a Budget outline.

Finding a quality agency is too all important to increasing your brand. Incompetent agencies will hurt your brand and take your money. So it’s imperative that you seek out a quality company, such as Excited Links SEO, and digital marketing agency.

As A Summary Of Why SEO Important For Business

These are the main reasons why SEO remains an important cog in the marketing machine for business owners who are looking to take the next step. Yes, marketing isn’t easy, and many wrinkles come along with it, but one of the finest options up your sleeve will come in the form of search engine optimization.

Don’t toss this away and ignore it because there is value to be had for those who want to maximize their options and get more out of it.

Look into this and ensure you are on the right path. Now you understand why SEO important for business?

Well, if you wish to learn more on SEO or wish to perform search engine optimization on your own website, you can follow my comprehensive seo checklist, it is not difficult as you imagine.

100+ Most Complete & Comprehensive SEO Checklist Sun, 27 Dec 2020 13:02:56 +0000 Since I started my digital marketing journey in 2007, I have tried many SEO technique.

Most of the techniques include white hat and even black hat tricks!

My website daily traffic went from zero to a few hundred thousand until a few times my shared hosting suspended my account because of massive daily traffic with a reason of over use server resources.

From all this year, I have gained a lot of experience and compile my self a comprehensive SEO checklist that every website need.

Note: I will more bias into the content management system using WordPress. If you are using others CMS or custom build website, you may use below SEO checklist as a reference, this SEO checklist will applicable for any kind of website platform.

comprehensive seo checklist

List of 100+ Comprehensive SEO Checklist

All this 100+ checklist can split into several categories :

  • Fundamental of SEO
  • SEO Checklist For User Experience
  • SEO Checklist for Website Performance
  • Technical SEO Checklist
  • Technical SEO Checklist
  • SEO Checklist For Content
  • On Page SEO Checklist
  • Off Page SEO Checklist
  • Local SEO Checklist

Fundamental Of Search Engine Optimization

For Fundamental Search Engine Optimization, we focus on below setting:

1. Install Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager help you manage all the tags. It helps to improve your website speed, as the tag management takes all the tracking codes that are in your header tag and it combines them into one little JavaScript file.

Google Tag Manager

Using GTM, you can easily configure without need your developer team to add on those tracking code into your website. Example your analytics code, AdWords tracking pixels, Facebook pixels and all kinds of code for tracking conversion and remarketing purpose. During your page loading, all this code has to be loaded 1 by 1, yet by using GTM, it pulls just 1 code where contain all this tracking features.

Setup Method: Can be manually set up or using Google Tag Manager WordPress’s plugin.


What is Google Tag Manager?

2. Setting up Google Analytics (GA)

Google Analytics is a tool that able to track your traffics, we also use it to measure our marketing ROI.

It is a tool with more user oriented, let you monitor how your visitor interact with your website.

Google Analytics

Setup Method: Can be manually set up or using Google Analytics WordPress’s plugin.


Pro Tips: By setting up your website URL into Google Analytics, it also brings a chance for Google to send their search engine bot to crawl your website. It brings a large impact, especially for a new website.

3. Setting up Google Search Console (GSC).

I always quote this in my digital marketing course: “Knock the search engine’s door to introduce yourself rather than wait it comes to your doorstep”.

Within GSC, it provides you insight to improve visibility on search engine rank position (SERP), it is more search engine focus.

You can find a lot of information such as

  • Search query
  • Core web vitals
  • Inbound & outbound links
  • Top linked website
  • Crawl error
  • Security issue

You may also see traffic performance, what focus keyword that bring traffic and the best part of it is to see how many website link back to your website.

Google Search Console provide most accurate data you will ever find compare to those expensive SEO tools out there!

Google Search Console

Setup Method: Can be manually set up or using Google Site Kit WordPress’s plugin. Remember to submit your robot.txt as well as sitemap into GSC.


Pro Tips: Similar like Google Analytics, submitting your URL into Google Search Console is like what I describe in my quote, introduce yourself to Google. It brings a large impact, especially for a new website. It is a must have SEO checklist for every website.

Let’s watch this video explain what is Google Search Console

4. Setting up Site Kit by Google

This applies for WordPress’s website only. Site Kit is the best google tools for your WordPress. From this WordPress’s plugin, you can connect to your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Adsense and PageSpeed Insights.

Basically, this plugin allow you to monitor your GSC, GA, Adsense and PageSpeed Insights via your WordPress’s dashboard.

Site Kit By Google

Setup Method: Install Site kit by Google WordPress’s plugin and proceed to connect your GSC, GA, Adsense and PageSpeed Insights. Just follow the instruction after you activate your plugin.


  • Site Kit By Google
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • PageSpeed Insignts

5. Check Keyword Rank Tracking

Use keyword rank tracking tools to identify your current keyword ranking; from this approach, you can use to measure your on-page and off-page SEO effort. Meaning that if you track your current position at 2nd page position 5th, after further optimize your page, you can see from time to time the rank will increase.

By using free method, you have to manually track it, you can use paid SEO app such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Semrush to track your keyword ranking, it will give you tracking from time to time, a historical chart of your daily rank tracking up or down.

Setup Method: Manually record if using FREE method, if using paid SEO, can create a project and track the keyword you want.


6. Install WordPress SEO Plugin

It will still work if you did not install WordPress SEO plugin, as search engine crawler still able to crawl your website, and understand your website content; Yet I will strongly recommend installing SEO plugin because the SEO plugin will let you configure what you want search engine to know about your website. Example title, meta description, focus keyword and ect. In a layman term, it acts like a book’s synopsis for every page you create.

Setup Method: May use Free or Paid plugin, just activate it and follow the setup wizard, pretty simple to set up.


  • Rank Math SEO Plugin
  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • All In One SEO Plugin

7. Setting up Uptime Monitoring System

We need our website 100% uptime, yet some time due to server maintenance or some other issue cause server down time, we need to minimize the risk of downtime, hence we setting up uptime monitoring system to check our website up time.

If too much downtime on your server, you might want to consider changing your hosting services provider.

Setup Method: Sign up for an account at the monitoring system, key in your website URL and choose the pinging frequency.



8. Improve TrustRank adding Trust Pages

We always been remind that to create a website for human, not for robot. Visitor reach your website, they are looking for trust in order to perform a transaction; trust will lead to a conversion, hence we have to create rust page such as “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy” and “Term Of Use”.

If you are putting your landing page on paid advertising, there is also a rule that the landing page much contains “Privacy Policy” and “Term Of Use”. Without this 2 pages, your advertising campaign might get suspended.

Setup Method: Manually setup this 4 pages, hire a good copywriter if you need to create a good “About Us”‘s page. For “Privacy Policy” and “Term Of Use”, you may look for the relevant template, edit to match your local rules and regulation..


  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Term Of Use Generator
  • Contact Form

Pro Tips: For your contact us page, you might also need to set a standard NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), we cover this on later LOCAL SEO section.

9. Improve TrustRank with Public WHOIS

This is for your domain name; most of us would enable the WHOIS protection, hide our contact detail against spammer. Yet some visitor would also check who is the owner of this website by checking the domain’s WHOIS.

Search engine crawls your domain name WHOIS; again, we have to follow the standard NAP across all the public platform.

Setup Method: You may disable your public WHOIS in your domain name control panel.


  • Domain Name Control Panel

10. Configure HTTPS For Your Website

HTTPS is one of the ranking signal for SEO which declare by Google years ago. HTTPS is also very important for website such as ecommerce or any website which require logging in and perform a transaction.

Although blog like mine does not require any transaction with my visitor, yet when I login my WordPress, my username and password will be encrypted. Without HTTPS, your detail might be potentially sniffed by the hacker.


Setup Method: Enable HTTPs encryption via your web hosting control panel, most of the web hosting nowadays comes with Free SSL features.


  • Let’s encrypt SSL

Pro Tips: To have better security and assurance, if you are running ecommerce business, I would recommend to purchase a SSL services. For own safety, FREE SSL is also a must for every website since it cost nothing and not difficult to set up SSL for your website.

Some mention using CloudFlare to get SSL; indeed, it is a very simple method to enable SSL for your website, yet CloudFlare SSL encryption is not a FULL solution, and it does not give you a FULL protection. If you enable SSL using CloudFlare, the data is ONLY encrypted from your domain level to CloudFlare, where’s from CloudFlare to your server is not encrypted.

SEO Checklist For User Experience

To have better user experience and search engine optimization, we focus on below setting.

1. Setting up SEO friendly URL permalink.

Search Engine crawl your website and understand words too, we have to set an easy understanding URL permalink not only for our visitor, also for search engine. A simple example as below:,

Above URL shows that the page is about “Digital Marketing Course”, instead of,

above URL, visitor nor search engine can’t understand what it is.

Setup Method: Setting up via your website back end, if you are using WordPress, go to setting permalinks. I will recommend choose “Post Name

Tools: None

2. Setting up Mobile Responsive / Mobile Friendly Website

Surprisingly, some older generation business owner understand the important of website, they invest for a website 15 to 20 years ago and did not upgrade it as time being.

15 to 20 years ago smart phone is not popular, hence mostly people visited the website via desktop, but nowadays are different, people visit and search for a website on the road using mobile phone or tablet, it will bring a bad user experience for visitor if your website is not mobile responsive.

Note that search engine favor to those websites with mobile friendly. Priority will be given to website with mobile responsive when come to ranking.

mobile responsive website

Setup Method: If your website are using HTML to code, most likely you require revamping your entire website, use Google mobile friendly test tools to check your website if you not sure it mobile friendly. For those older websites that using old WordPress’s themes, you might require changing to the latest themes as older themes are not mobile friendly.


  • Google mobile friendly test
  • WordPress with the latest themes.

3. Check Your Website Loading Speed

According to study, an excellent website usually load within 3 second, visitor don’t like to wait, so to search engine.

website loading speed

Setup Method: Improve your website loading speed by using good web host, optimize your images, leveraging on server cahcing and CDN services. You may use tools like GTMetrix to check your website, improve it based on the recommended improvement shows in the website.


  • Image Optimization Tools
  • Website Caching Tools
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test
  • Google PageSpeed Insights

Pro Tips: In my opinion, it is still good if your website loading below 5 seconds or even 8 seconds if you have a great content. Your loyal visitor who appreciates your content won’t because a few second slower and give up visit your website. Further more, we are not participant “F1” competition for website loading speed, a few second delays or million second won’t cause much different. Make sure your website loading speed is not ridiculous slow like 30 second to 1 minute for fully loaded.

4. Keep Your Website URLs Short

Keep your URL short will make it look nicer in term of user experience, also easy for visitor to share your URL. Take an example of below URL, which one look nicer?,


Setup Method: Manually set the directory path or if you are using WordPress, manually set it before you publish your post.


  • WordPress

5. Setting up and Optimize Your 404 Page

In any chances If you change your permalinks earlier, visitor reach an invalid page, or some visitor manually access your URL with wrong spelling, usually a 404 page will show to inform visitor invalid pages.

You might want to leverage on this page to provide further information, a call to action (CTA) to contact you or any other relevant information instead of just tell visitor “Invalid page” (that all).

Website 404 Error

Setup Method: Setting up a 404 page with useful information, a call to action (CTA) to further contact your customer services or promote your core product. WordPress has it own default 404 page, you can use plugin such as Rank math to redirect the 404 to home page, or a custom page which give a CTA and promote your core product.


  • WordPress 404 Error Plugin
  • Rank Math SEO Plugin

6. Make Your Page’s Content Easy To Share

Social signal is one of the factor on search ranking, if your content has a lot of share in social media, mean your site content is useful. By common sense, the search engine will see it as an authority signal and eventually rank your site higher.

Social Share

Setup Method: Setting up share button on every page within your website. Leveraging Social sharing plugin.


7. Setting up Your Brand On Multiple Social Networks

We always say Omni Channel and Multi Channel, people go everywhere also can find your business. Setting up a Facebook fan page, Youtube Channel, Linkedin Profile, Twitter account, Instagram and so on.

Setup Method: Identity the top social network in your region and start to establish 1 by 1.


  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Xing
  • Tiktok
  • Snapchat
  • Wechat
  • and many more…

8. Monitor Your User Activity via Heatmap

Heatmap is one of a prominent feature to understand your visitor activity, to monitor their behaviour and to understand which part of your web page visitor most interested.

Setup Method: Sign up for any heat map tools, place the code into your website and start monitoring visitor activity.


  • Hotjar Heatmap Analytics
  • Plerdy Heatmap Tools
  • Crazy Heatmap & AB Testing
  • MouseFlow Heatmap
  • Clickmap Heatmap Tools by Builderall (Paid)

SEO Checklist For Website Performance

In order to enhance your website performance, we focus on below SEO setting.

1. Use Top Performance Web Hosting Service provider

Choose reputable web hosting services provider, choose a services provider that does not oversell. Mostly we choose shared hosting for small website, shared hosting might host up to a few thousand website within a single server, this the reason some time it has poor performance, slow loading and down time.

If budget allows, or when your traffic getting more and more, I would recommend you host your website in a Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPS have dedicated resources allocated for your website. The higher your traffic, you may scale higher the VPS plan.

Setup Method: You will require making some research, Choose a reputable web hosting service provider.


Pro Tips: Choosing a web hosting provider is very crucial, is depending on luck. Why I say so. I always use car’s brand as an example, like choosing Honda and Toyota. Some people hate Honda, they don’t recommend their friend buy Honda because they have unpleasant experience, where’s myself is a Honda user for 10+ year and hardly see a major problem, I would recommend Honda for my friends who looking for cars.

Price point also plays an important role. If you are looking to have excellent customer services, please allocate more budget on your hosting plan. I don’t agree cheap hosting have poor performance, I personally experience cheap and stable hosting services provider, yet the drawback is the customer services; the only word to describe “Vomit blood” when you chat with the customer services, they can reply you “If you don’t like it, please host with other services provider”

2. Web Hosting Server Location

Location is also very important, it depend on your target audience location; for example, if most of your traffic is in Malaysia, choose a web hosting provide shared hosting or VPS in Malaysia or nearest at Singapore. For another example of my website serving traffic worldwide, I choose to host at United States.

World map with flag

Setup Method: Check with your preferable web hosting service provider the location of your server. You may request a migration to your nearest location by upgrading the plan or some fees depending on your services provider.


3. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

By using CDN, your content is distributing to many data center worldwide, your visitor will load your website content from their nearest server. Imagine if your server hosted in Malaysia, the content such as the PDF file, MP3, Images are distributed across worldwide, and visitor from United States, when they visit your website, or download your website content, they don’t require downloading the content from the server in Malaysia, they can load the content from their nearest server in United States.

Setup Method: May connect it via your web hosting control panel or connect it via domain DNS level.


4. Use GZip Compression

Gzip compression is one of the technology to compress your file and save visitor internet bandwidth when they access your website.

Setup Method: You may enable Gzip compression via .htaccess or Web Server level.


  • Varvy Gzip Compression Test
  • GiftofSpeed Gzip Compression Test

5. Enable HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is another compression technology launch around 2015 by Google’s SPDY, a technology, is a protocol to transfer web content developed by Google. All the major client browser support HTTP/2 nowadays.

According to W3Techs, up-to-date statistics 50% of the website are HTTP/2 enable.

Setup Method: Major web host already enables HTTP/2, yet some web host does not enable it, you require checking with your current web hosting services provider and request them to enable it.


  • HTTP2 Pro
  • KeyCDN tools HTTP/2 Test

Pro Tips: HTTP/1.1 since 1997, and HTTP/2 since 2015, and we also have HTTP/3 at 2020. Coming soon HTTP/3, current adoption rate at 4% according to W3Techs, foresee will be one of the SEO factor soon, ask your web host will they support HTTP3 or already in their roadmap.

6. Leverage Caching For Better Performance

Cache will turn your page and post into a static website, mean when visitor visit your website, the statics page will loaded instead of query the content from your server and execute your database.

Setup Method: May enable via .htaccess, set the expired caching to 1 month or1 Year, for WordPress user, leverage on plugin.


  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • Autoptimize
  • WP Super Cache
  • WpRocket
  • LiteSpeed Cache (For LiteSpeed Server)
  • GiftofSpeed Gzip Cache Checker (To check if your website has cache enable)

7. Minify JS and CSS Files

Minify JavaScript file, HTML and CSS files will also help on the loading speed and save bandwidth, it make better user experience.

Setup Method: Use minifying tools to minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript file. For WordPress user, leverage on plugin.


  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • Autoptimize
  • WpRocket
  • LiteSpeed Cache

8. Resize, Compress & Optimize Image Before/During Upload

Large image file cause slow loading to visitor, it also costs space and bandwidth from your web host. Recommend optimizing the image before or during upload.

Setup Method: For manual way, get your graphic designer to optimize the image, resize to the respective resolution, and save for web use. For WordPress’s user, you may leverage on image optimization plugin, optimize the image during upload.


  • Photoshop
  • ShortPixel
  • WPCompress
  • Smush
  • Imagify
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

9. Enable Lazy Load Image

Lazy load means it only execute, or initialize the loading on the content when it needs. In layman term, you don’t require carrying the entire book when you read, when you need page 1, only you take page 1, when you need page 2, only you took out page 2 and so on.

Setup Method: By adding lazy loading code into your HTML coding. For WordPress’s user, leverage on Lazy Load Plugin.

Example native HTML script for Lazy Load

<img src=”your-image.jpg” loading=”lazy” alt=”image alt” />
<iframe src=”webpage.html” loading=”lazy”></iframe>


  • ShortPixel Adaptive Image
  • WPRocket

9. Database Optimization

If you are familiar with disk defragmentation on our computer, database optimization is a bit similar concept.

Somehow our database did not properly organize, and with a lot of unwanted data, we require optimizing it.

Setup Method: Manually optimize the database via PhpMyAdmin or using WordPress’s Database optimization plugin.


  • WP-Optimize
  • WPRocket
  • WP Sweep

Pro Tips: I am using WP-Optimize, is a FREE plugin which will also help you eliminated all the post revision, spam comment which occupied your database. Another reason I use this because it same developer with Updraftplus WordPress Backup Plugin. Note that I would recommend to make a backup before you optimize your database.

Technical SEO Checklist

1. Enable HTTPS

In one of my earlier blog post “Why do I need HTTPS on website“, I mention HTTPS is a ranking signal, mention by Google during 2014. Google already hints us. Not only a ranking signal, it brings greater impact for those websites that having transaction.

Setup Method: Manually setup from web hosting control panel.


  • HTTPStatus (To check if your website enable HTTPS
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • CloudFlare

Pro Tips: Even blog like mine, without involving any transaction behind, don’t forget that we have to login WP-ADMIN, the username and password you key in during login WordPress, the data will be encrypted before sending to the server. Without HTTPS, imaging your potential risk.

more coming up soon…

SEO Checklist For Content

more coming up soon…

On Page SEO Checklist

more coming up soon…

Off Page SEO Checklist

more coming up soon…

Local SEO Checklist

more coming up soon…

Total up all the above 100+ checkpoint I compile along my digital journey, I would say, it is a most complete and comprehensive SEO checklist I ever seen in the market.

Pro Tips: You may also search “BRAND SEO checklist”, replace the BRAND with those famous SEO tools brand such as MOZ, Ahrefs, Semrush, MajesticSEO and so on, you may found most of their mentioned complete SEO checklist is listed here.

Get A Copy Of My Most Complete Comprehensive SEO Checklist?

I have also in the middle of compilation on this comprehensive SEO checklist into an Excel sheet; if you would like to have a copy when it is ready, please share me your best email. I will send you a BETA copy FREE of Charges. (I am considered charging a small fees after a full release, grab it when it is still FREE)
Meraki Power Injector MA-INJ-4-UK vs MA-INJ-5-UK Tue, 24 Nov 2020 04:43:07 +0000 When we specs in power injector for Cisco Meraki’s access point, we might come across 2 types of power Injector, what the different between MA-INJ-4-UK vs MA-INJ-5-UK? If you remember my earlier post “AIR-PWRINJ5= vs AIR-PWRINJ6=“, this one has not much different from power rating, both support maximum power output of 30 watts, yet MA-INJ-4-UK have input current 0.8A and MA-INJ-5-UK have input current of 1.5A.


Note that this also applicable toward MA-INJ-4-US vs MA-INJ-5-US (US’s power plug), MA-INJ-4-EU vs MA-INJ-5-EU (EU’s power plug), MA-INJ-4-AU vs MA-INJ-5-AU (AU’s power plug).

Differences Between Cisco Meraki Power Injector MA-INJ-4-UK vs MA-INJ-5-UK

In fact, MA-INJ-4-UK is for Cisco Meraki Access Point (AP) which requires a maximum 30 watt power output, but not using multi gigabit’s (Mgig) switch. From MA-INJ-4-UK datasheet, we can see MA-INJ-4-UK shows it compatible with Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, full duplex.

ma-inj-4-uk spec

While MA-INJ-5-UK is use for Cisco Meraki AP which also require a maximum of 30 watt power output, but utilize the Mgig feature, mean the AP is connecting to a multi-gigabit’s switch, From MA-INJ-5-UK datasheet, we can see MA-INJ-4-UK shows it compatible with Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps & 10 Gbps Multigigabit Ethernet.

ma-inj-5-uk spec


Conclusion: The differences between MA-INJ-4-UK vs MA-INJ-5-UK is when Cisco Meraki AP that connect with Mgig’s switch, we recommend use MA-INJ-5-UK, if normal switch (10/100/1000), we can use MA-INJ-4-UK.

Green Screen Alternative App For Content Creator Sun, 22 Nov 2020 01:00:29 +0000 As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I used to conduct online course and training video recording; during my recording, my background does not properly decorate, either at my own living room, bedroom somehow I record my video at the dining room.

To have a proper or professional recording, we usually think about green screen, to have such setup is difficult except you have a proper place and all the video recording equipment. Apart from recording, it also comes to the post recording session; which is editing, and by editing the video, remove green screen and adding background all require skills, is not something easy until I found XSplit VCam, a green screen alternative app for content creator, it make my life easy and I say these apps is really a gem for me.

green screen alternative app

Introducing XSplit VCam, Green Screen Alternative App

Here an app I am using since the beginning of the year, introduce the XSplit VCam, a powerful tool to change your background with just the webcam. For the best experience, XSplit recommend using this app with Windows 10, with at least an Intel 6 generation processor, with HD graphics or any Nvidia eight series, GPU and above.

After downloading and installing XSplit VCam. It will show you a calibration window to run hardware tests, also make sure that your webcam is connected during this session. On the latest release, it does not require you to login to the app, but if you want to log in, you can do so in the menu options.

XSplit VCam’s Add Background

Logging, in an account with a XSplit premium or VCam license, will remove the watermark at the right side of the main window. You can see all the background options available. If you stick with your original background, you can apply a blur to your background using the slider.

xsplit vcam add background

If you want to replace your background, you can choose a local media file or pull from the Unsplash online photo directory, you can even load a web page or a YouTube video as background, replacement backgrounds can be blurred as well.

XSplit VCam’s Setting

Finally, you can remove your background, similar to the effect of a chroma key. You can further adjust the settings by clicking on show setting in the main menu. We recommend leaving the hardware acceleration on automatic, but feel free to adjust quality options and choose if you want to have your chair removed as well. (This option best for gamer who have a wonderful gaming chair)

Xsplit vcam setting

XSplit VCam For Gaming

XSplit is a company where they develop app for gaming, to live stream the gaming. Their core product name Broadcaster & Gamecaster, if you will be gaming, while using XSplit VCam, XSplit recommend enabling Intel, HD, graphics and selecting that for the hardware acceleration.

XSplit VCam For Content Creator and Meeting

Now that you’ve set up XSplit VCam, you can use it with a variety of software, XSplit works with virtually any streaming software such as OBS and XSplit broadcaster, simply add XSplit VCam as a video source. XSplit VCam is also a great tool to use for video calls, you can deploy XSplit VCam as your video source for discord, Skype, Facebook, Messenger, Google, Hangouts WhatsApp, a much more. I personally use it at Cisco Webex and Microsoft Team, it works perfectly for me although the specification does not include Webex and Microsoft team.

(New) XSplit VCam Connect: Webcam

From content creation to business, XSplit VCam is a useful tool for all sorts of situations. The latest update from XSplit, they product a mobile apps name XSplit Connect, which allows you to turn your mobile phone into webcam.

xsplit connect webcam

This is great news for content creator like me because mostly our webcam attach with laptop are low quality, and I personally don’t feel want to spend extra just for an external webcam, hence I use application such as Droidcam as alternative workaround, make my mobile phone as webcam and unfortunately, not that stable, connection lost, streaming turn laggy and buggy. XSplit Connect Webcam come at the right time without extra charges, I can use this green screen alternative app together with my mobile phone as webcam.

Anyway, long story short, you may take a look on below video:

XSplit VCam’s support

Since I own a license, I have experienced some error and seeking for their technical support, seriously there is no 2nd doubt for their support. First, their support patiencely chat with me, provide me troubleshooting step, and I would say they know their product well, once I describe my issue, they know what happen and give me the solution.

How much is XSplit VCam?

Lastly, how much does it cost? XSplit VCam is FREE with watermark, if you would like to purchase the VCam license, they have several subscription plan, you may choose $5.95 monthly or $9.95 every 3 months subscription or $24.95 per year subscription or you even have a lifetime license with only $49.95 . My opinion, the lifetime subscription is consider a no brainer deal for such green screen alternative app. Do visit: for more info.

Tips: In case the promotion still available, is really subject to the availability, you can try your luck at StackSocial or any StackCommerce website, they are selling at $19 only. Do visit:

Update: Try BFSAVE40 or CMSAVE40 during check out to enjoy 40% off (Subject to availability on StackSocial)