Chinese New Year(CNY) just pass few days, and I also busy entertain relative… During CNY visit here and there, also not much time online doing research and blogging. Almost 10 days did’nt update my blog, after back form my vacation… Is time to start blogging again. 🙂

While we finish format a PC, the hardware is still the same, but in term of software, is like a brand new PC. Installing software and driver is a must for this process.

The most headache after format a PC is restore the driver, I always face this problem while formating my client PC, especially those client did not keep their CD, some how the PC are quite old and I can’t even download those driver online.

Recently I found a good tools that help me a lot while formating PC, this software can help me backup all the existing driver, by exporting either in a folder or in a zip file. After the PC format, just easily import all the driver back to the old location.

This software file size are very small, just a 2.5M++ and easily keep in my Pen Drive too. After install the software, you will have a 30days evaluation period, if you would like to have full license, just claim your free registration code from there. For more screen shoot, and tutorial, you may get from here. Or download from here.