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Introduction to the fundamental of Digital Business

In this video, you’ll learn about the fundamental of Digital Business, including how to find business ideas and find the right segmentation. In next video, you will learn about marketing principles, marketing mix, business basics, ethics of entrepreneurs and the basics that entrepreneurs need to understand. if you wish to attend eUsahawan course in Penang, […]


eUsahawan course in Penang

Earlier I had participate eUsahawan course in Penang, my main objective is to observe how this course been conduct because I been selected by MDEC to participate eUsahawan train the trainer course. After gone through Level 1 and Level 2 training and completed the exam, finally I am eUsahawan certified trainer, my trainer code is […]

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How to convert Cisco CAPWAP to Mobility Express

When you purchase Cisco with CAPWAP feature, such as Air-AP1815I-K-K9, Air-AP1832I-K-K9, Air-AP1852I-K-K9, Air-AP2802I-K-K9, or Air-AP3802E-K-K9 and wish to convert it to Mobility Express. First, you need to obtain the latest firmware from After login into your AP console, enable it #show version //to check your current version. eg AP Running Image : #capwap ap ip […]

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The Four Cisco Architectures

Cisco had 4 Major technical architecture, it consist of Enterprise Networking, Collaboration Architecture, Data Center Architecture and Security architecture. Enterprise Networking This architecture consists of Cisco core networking product such as routing, switching, wireless. Routing will be Cisco ISR router, switching will be Cisco catalyst switch, and Cisco Aironet wireless Collaboration Architecture This architecture include product […]


Backup Exec in Azure Marketplace

Every software vendor is developing their software to be compatible with cloud giant now a days as a lot of end user migrating their system to cloud or hybrid environment. For end user who hosting their IT environment over Mirosoft Azure, the Azure Marketplace makes ¡t easy: just select Backup Exec from the menu and […]