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Cisco Meraki Black Belt Level 2 Assessment

After completed my Cisco Meraki Black Belt Level 2 yesterday, today I take 1-hour session to complete my level 2 COLT test with only 1 attempt, passed at 83% and the passing rate at 80%. Below 39 question for Cisco Meraki Black Belt Level 2 Colt test. (Answer follow BOLD) Q1. Which of the following statements are true […]

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Cisco Meraki Black Belt Level 1 Assessment

I am taking Cisco Meraki Black Belt Program Level-1 Exams’ COLT Test. After 2nd attempts, I pass with 82%, the passing rate is 80%. Below are the question and answer I choose. If you follow below answer, you should get your self passing this Cisco Meraki Foundational Level exam too. (Answer follow BOLD) Q1. which of the following […]

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Cisco 2960! We will miss you soon

Cisco launch Catalyst 9000 series around mid of 2017, and it becomes the recommended replacement for the current catalyst 3k, 4k, and 6k switch. In short, Catalyst 3650 & 3850 replace by Catalyst 9300, Catalyst 4000 series replace by Catalyst 9400 and Catalyst 6000 series will be replaced by Catalyst 9500. A lot of people is asking is there […]


Introduction to the fundamental of Digital Business

In this video, you’ll learn about the fundamental of Digital Business, including how to find business ideas and find the right segmentation. In next video, you will learn about marketing principles, marketing mix, business basics, ethics of entrepreneurs and the basics that entrepreneurs need to understand. if you wish to attend eUsahawan course in Penang, […]


eUsahawan course in Penang

Earlier I had participated eUsahawan course in Penang, my main objective is to observe how this course been conducted because I been nominated by MDEC to participate eUsahawan train the trainer course. After gone through Level 1 and Level 2 training and completed the exam, finally I am eUsahawan certified trainer on August 2018, my […]