No doubt, marketing is very important for every business, to potentially reach more customer and generating more leads. Nowadays, everything digitalizes and people no longer spend time on the traditional medium such as television, radio, and newspaper, flyers, and brochures, whereas people watch movie online such as Netflix, Ifflix, youtube, social media for news and e-newspaper. If your business does not leverage the digital platform in term of marketing, you will slowly remove your self from the trend. You may refer to this article on why learn digital marketing. (You might consider attending Digital Marketing Course in near future.)

digital marketing course

Whether you are an individual who wants to start your entrepreneur journey, interested to learn how to sell & making money online, a startup who wants to expand your business, a business owner who wants to grow your business to the next level by leveraging the digital platform. This digital marketing course will definitely suitable for you.

What you will learn from this digital marketing course?

  • Digital Marketing Fundamental
  • Facebook Marketing For Business
  • Instagram Marketing For Business
  • Whatsapp Marketing For Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Who should attend?

  • Individual who want to know how to sell online
  • Traditional Marketer who wants to become the digital marketing expert
  • Startup leaders who want to expand the business
  • Traditional Business who want to digital transformation, using new digital strategies
  • The business owner who wants to grow the business using the digital platform

This 8 hours course guide you with all core elements of digital marketing that every business must know including tools to start your marketing campaign and how to make use of the digital platform to gain the marketing advantage.

digital marketing course content

Digital Marketing Fundamental

In this first chapter, you will find out how digital marketing changes the manner in which business advertise their product and services. alongside the advantage of using digital marketing for your very own business. You will also realize there is the top of marketing channels used to advertise product and service digitally and how effectively a company utilized this digital platform do generate a high volume of sales consistently.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people using email. Email is still working, Indeed, it is as yet one of the most converting marketing channels! In this section, we will figure out how to pick email marketing tools and figure out how to obtain and increase your email list. We likewise figure out how to fragment that rundown and how to personalize your email content for every different segmentation. At last, we will figure out how to utilize email marketing tools to make amazingly responsive emails easily to consummate their message to leads!

Facebook For Business

Facebook Marketing is another important tool to promote any business, as people are very active at social media nowadays.


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