Social Media Marketing Course

Leverage The Power Of Social Media & Bring Your Business To Next Level

All businesses are putting them self into Social Media nowadays. Some businesses not even own a website, yet they appear in multiple social media platform. In this social media marketing course, we will focus on the famous social media platform and create our online presence & get new leads.

By leveraging on paid ads, we also learn how to multiply the exposure, double and triple our opportunity to get new leads.

To patch up the shortcoming of online presence, we will also learn website marketing strategy, create an effective landing page in order to generate more sales!

Social Media Marketing Course

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is a new norm, even my grandmother has a Facebook and Twitter account. In this chapter, we covered the importance of social media, types of content strategies can be used for businesses. We will focus on the world’s top ranking platforms, Facebook; the pros and cons of using profile, groups, page for your business, how to get organic traffic, (especially trainer’s secret strategies), increase likes and followers at this platform as well as power keywords for closing sales! We will also learn how to set up Facebook page & essential settings and how to optimize it for search engine visibility.

Topic include:

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media Content Strategies
  • Effective Facebook Marketing
  • Know Your Facebook Marketing Tools

2. Social Media Advertising (SMA)

Paid media will always give you faster results and better ROI in business. In this chapter, we will learn how to create ads campaigns, why create ad groups, how to set audience targeting, and create effective ads. We will also cover ads creative, ads copywriting, split test and analyzing campaign results as well as measuring the campaign’s effectiveness. Most important part of this course, a special bonus from our trainer who has over million dollar ads spend experience, the trainer will share his secret Facebook ads strategies.

Topic include:

  • Introduction to Facebook ads
  • Understanding Facebook ad structure
  • Campaign objectives & marketing goal
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Budget, schedule & advance targeting
  • Choosing the best ad formats
  • Managing your campaign
  • Key metrics & optimization
  • Facebook Ads strategies

3. Website Marketing (SMA)

Every business needs to have an office or a storefront; With digital presence, your business needs to have a website! A so-called online-presence. In this chapter, you will learn how to get publicity and awareness via website marketing, we will discuss a few types of website marketing strategies & how to choose the right platform for your business online presence. To accommodate the Facebook marketing & ads strategies, we will focus on creating a landing page, lead capture and how to nurture your cold leads into hot and responsive leads.

Topic include:

  • Fundamental of Website Design and Development
  • Why a Business Website?
  • Choose Your Business Website Platform
  • Website vs Landing Page
  • Website vs Landing Page Component
  • Lead capture and follow up

Topic can also be a tailor with your company needs. If your company is looking for HRDF claimable Social Media Marketing course, feel free to contact our HRDF certified trainer Calvyn Lee,

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Social Media Marketing Day 1 By Calvyn Lee
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