Builderall Ambassador In Malaysia

hi I am Calvyn Lee, a Builderall ambassador in Malaysia. If you know, Builderall ambassador is an exclusive, privilege role in Builderall marketing system as well as the leader in the Builderall organization. As an ambassador in Malaysia, my goal is to create a massive network of successful business entrepreneurs (people like you), by offering them coaching, support, training and ensure they get the best result by using Builderall digital marketing platform.

Builderall Ambassador Malaysia

Builderall is the biggest digital marketing platform on the planet earth and it happens because of 2 reasons, 1st is the great product (30+ digital marketing tools in 1 affordable price) and 2nd is having an outstanding business model (affiliate marketing program). Builderall digital marketing tools are sold by our fellow entrepreneur, also a business owner who is using these digital marketing platforms. (Knowns as affiliate marketer as well)

Builderall ambassador’s role

As an Builderall Ambassador in Malaysia, I have a small group of committed entrepreneurs, work closely with the company, the ambassador also entitle for special training and promotional material focused on assisting regular Builderall business owner (some are digital marketing agency). My goal is also to create a team of leaders to help business owner and entrepreneurs prosper with their business growth as well as bring Builderall to every single state in Malaysia.

The beauty of this Builderall is it contains a list of 40+ digital marketing tools bundle which every business needs for their online presence.

1. Website Builder
2. Funnel Builder
3. Email Auto-Responder
4. Android/IOS App Creator
5. Magazine Editor
6. eCommerce
7. Video Tag
8. Design Studio
9. Presentation Studio
10. Photo Studio
11. Animated Video Creator
12. Floating Video Creator
13. Browser Notification
14. SEO Report Tools
15. Click Heat Map
16 Facebook Autopost
17. Facebook Chatbot
18. Share Locker
19. E-Learning
20. Script Generator
21. Social Proof
22. Roulette
23. WhatsApp Messaging
24. Video Wrapper
25. Instagram Auto-Responder
26. SMS Tools
27. Webinar Tools
28. Sitebot
29. CRM
30. Marketplace
31. Video Funnel Creator

40+ Tools at this moment (2021)

During the time I explore Builderall (beginning of 2019), it only has approximate 23+ tools, and the company keeps adding new tools without increasing the price plan. Below is the latest price plan. More information may visit:

Builderall Price Plan 2021

On July 2019, Builderall stops recruiting new ambassador, a worldwide approximate 1000+ ambassador, and happens that I am the only Builderall ambassador in Malaysia. If you are interested to find out how this piece of business tools can help you grow your business. Feel free to get in touch with me FB@FollowCalvyn

Even for some people who don’t prefer to DIY your own digital marketing campaign, and you need an agency to help you manage digital marketing campaign, I also have a team, a Digital Marketing agency in Malaysia with groups of experience digital marketer, we help small business to grow their business online, building online presense by leveraging on various digital marketing tools such as Builderall.

What is Builderall?

Check out this few minute video, how it can help you on your digital business!

If you are an affiliate marketer looking to help more business owner to transform their business into digital and make recurring income, Join my team! Inbox me for further detail, let me know how I can help you! FB@FollowCalvyn