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Hello Ladies and Gentlement,  guys. everyone is talking about digital marketing nowadays.

If you wonder what is digital marketing, let me share you what actually digital marketing is.

Digital marketing is a knowledge where a digital marketer (a.k.a marketing guy) know how to use a digital platform to promote a product and services.

so what is this digital platform? Example like facebook, how to use Facebook to boost your sales? leverage on Facebook pages or groups to get leads or even paid advertising offer on Facebook to drive more leads.

Other than facebook?

another example is Instagram. youngers like the 90s and millennium very use to Instagram, a lot of e-commerce seller publish their product/service images on Instagram to attract buyers. For those who had an extra marketing budget, can also leverage Instagram ads to reach the more potential client.

That the example of digital platform and many more such as the online marketplace, email marketing, website marketing, sales funnels and power of search engine optimization.


Most of the digital marketing course out there are a few thousand ringgit, If you looking to learn digital marketing, I had a highly recommended digital marketing fast-track to introduce you.

Is our “Digital Marketing Boot-Camp”, it only cost you RM99. It is a a full day 8 hours comprehensive bootcamp, What we will teach you are:

– Business Management

– Financial Management

– Copywriting

– Facebook

– Instagram

– E-mail Marketing

– Website Marketing

– Mobile Application

– Search Engine Optimization


So if you are a business owner who wishes to leverage on a digital platform to expand your business, or yet to bring tour business online.

Or you are a working adult who plans to sell online

or even for a housewife who want to use your free time to look for extra income

you are recommended to join our Digital Marketing Boot-Camp

<<WHAT SPECIAL ON Digital Marketing Boot-Camp

Well, this BootCamp syllabus is qualified by OFQUAL,  it stands for Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. It is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England. United Kingdom.

Apart from this, We had 2 certified trainers by a government-owned agency who pioneer the transformation of Malaysia’s digital economy under a program name eUsahawan.

Well, just RM99 for a comprehensive BootCamp, you really can’t get this knowledge elsewhere.



In a world where technology is developing well, the development of digital marketing has to be aligned in order to keep pace with the market and customers. “How and where should I start digital marketing strategy?” “What skills should I possess in digital marketing?” “Where to learn digital marketing in Malaysia?” The training module is fully accredited by the OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) from the United Kingdom, our Digital Marketing Bootcamp provides high-quality training with practical advice to ensure professional success.

Business Management

Entrepreneurs will be able to incorporate the values of entrepreneurship, apply tools such as SWOT and Business Model Canvas (BMC) to develop a business plan and understand the basic steps of company registration

Financial Management

Entrepreneurs will be able to comprehend the importance of having a company account and the process of opening a company account, classify and manage the key costs incurred in business, apply accounting methods to record financial statements and determine the basic costs needed for marketing


Entrepreneurs will be able to plan and conduct research to facilitate the process of copywriting, understand how different aspects of business affect copywriting, to create effective copywriting based on AIDCA formula, and to tailor their copywriting effectively using different copywriting styles and optimizing emotional triggers

Facebook For Business

Entrepreneurs will be able to differentiate between a Facebook Profile, Group and Page, set up a Facebook page, the importance of objective setting and the marketing
strategies that follow suit, understand the rationale of different advertising formats and placements to be able to strategize marketing effectively, advertise on
Facebook, make informed decisions of their activities on Facebook as guided by policies, basics of Facebook Store, use WhatsApp for Business

Instagram For Business

Entrepreneurs will be able to leverage on Instagram as an online business marketing platform and set up a functional Instagram business account, understand that different types of content cater to different business objectives and there needs to be a balanced approach between increasing sales and creating continuous engagement & identify different optimization techniques for their Instagram business account.

Email Marketing

Entrepreneurs will be able to describe email marketing, its importance, advantages as well as its various features

Mobile Application

Entrepreneurs will be able to assess mobile application that best suits their business

Website Marketing

Entrepreneurs will be able to understand the types of websites available, its features and tailor a suitable design for their business, exposed to affiliate and dropship marketing, the different components that compose the E-commerce ecosystem, features of E-commerce and its advantages.

Search Engine Optimization

Entrepreneurs will be able to understand the importance of SEO and how website design and content affect page ranking on a Google search results page & exposed to different search engine optimization techniques for websites.