Do you know as a business owner, marketers, blogger, we most afraid is our hard earn traffic been diverted away from our website? If you embed YouTube video in your website, you will definitely face this issue.

This is a very crucial issue, a lot of business owner have been struggling with this issue for a while. They have been embedding their sales video in the website, but YouTube always suggests other video at the end of the vide and the traffic being diverted to instead of viewing their product.

In fact, this issue has happened to almost every single website owner who embed YouTube video in their sales page. But don’t worry. I have a very simple solution for this… And… I think my solution is the best solution. Let me share with you shortly..

Meanwhile, we all know that YouTube is a traffic source with almost limitless potential, but there is only one problem, YouTube has limited customization and branding options for your business, we see it every day, marketers, trainers and communicators from businesses both small and large all want to use brandable video player, but there is a cost that could run into tens of thousands of dollars.


How about a custom YouTube player? Yet hosted your video on YouTube?


Remove YouTube Logo

Here is where KillerPlayer comes in, killer player not only remove YouTube logo, video title and recommended videos from your YouTube embedded videos, but also modify the look of YouTube video player to match your brand style and to encourage more consistency in your viewers experience all while hosting your videos and YouTube.

Custom YouTube Player

How KillerPlayer work?, first enter the URL of a YouTube video you want to embed, now you can choose any of the five available custom Youtube player themes with unlimited color options, we may choose themes like Wistia, Vimeo, Viddler, Vzaar and Tara. After completing your preferable design, click embed to copy your code and use a modified video on any website with a new look that matches your brand style.

custom youtube player

it is that easy, enjoy a lot of unique features to stand out from the crowd ,get unlimited embeds, color options player themes, YouTube logo removal and recommended videos removal feature, all included

Take a look at below video,it is hosted on YouTube, is a custom Youtube player, which you can’t see the video title, remove Youtube logo, and no recommended video at the end of the video. Your traffic will continue to stay at your sales page.

The original video link is, so start using KillerPlayer to thrill your audience by utilizing YouTube as a hosting hub for all of your video content.

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