1 Week ago my laptop goes blue screen, and cannot boot up any more. I suspect is the hard disk problem. I plug out my hard disk, slot it as a portable hard disk and detect it with another PC. Damm! totally cant detect.

I have no Laptop use at home anymore : ( , every day i need to carry my company laptop back home. Very heavy and tired.

My Hard Disk
I bought this hard disk last year January 2006 at lowyat plaza. The seller told me has 3 year warranty, and yesterday i have bring the hard disk to claim, at least 1 month to return. I am just wonder to buy a hard disk for my laptop at this coming PC Fair 2007 (II) The damage was around RM250++ : (

Ubuntu CD help me save RM250++
Sudently my mind have a light bulb, “HOW BOUT TRY UBUNTU CD?” After boot up with this UBUNTU CD, the Linux Operating system run well with my Laptop. Here also have Firefox to use… wahahahaha… Very Nice! can suft net is best for me.

Guess what… My laptop no hard disk also can run… Amazing…

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