Do you heard before technology ghost… I call it as “New Century Ghost” after this experience

I heard a lot ghost story since i my 1st day working in hotel line… and a lot of friend ask me wether see before or not… So far i did not have experience before, just have those un explained weired feeling.

Recently I am handling a Wifi Installation project, before we start install, we actually make a site survey, tested the signal is good, so we start to design a network diagram and start our construction. After finish all the installation, and up the server, the result are unbelieable, signal are lower then expected, i feel that is some interference cover the signal, and i not really know how to explaine. I experience at mid night during testing period last week, sudently all the signal gone (even current provider signal also gone), around 15 minute, the signal back to normal. 2nd time is day time, same problem occur.

Here Come the excited experience…

Today, the 3rd party company bring in an extra AP for testing, after i take the room key from front desk, we (3 person, MR.V, Ms.k and Me) went to the room for testing. We plug in the AP at the corridor and power on it. After that, we went to the room to detect the signal. Guest what… NO SSID signal found, only the curent service provider SSID.

At the 1st place, we think is the AP failure (hardware problem) so “Mission fail”, we pack out thing and back to lobby, between this, we have a conversation at lift.

Ms.k : What if the room have “that” thing?

MR.V : Don’t mention this again, i am a “free thinker” no such thing, just think logic la~

ME : ok, may be u check the hardware wether have problem or not after u back to your company

Ms.k : ok, if the hardware can run normally, that mean my teory is correct, Mr.V must treat us eat CURRY FISH HEAD.

ME : ok, deal, i be the vicness. remember to treat me too…(wa…got free food…earn some more..hehehehe), Mr.K! by the way, why u think is “that” thing?

Ms.k : Just now when u both left the room to put the AP at corridor, i sudently feel it alone at the room.


Ms.k : ok, if you don’t believe, why not we test the AP after we at lobby, if have the signal, u treat us CHAR KOEY TEOW with big PRAWN

ME : (wa haha….got free food again, sure support Ms.K la~)

After we arrive lobby, imediately plug up the AP again, Guest what… a “dlink” SSID apear with 1 bar signal, and i ask MR.V faster plug in the Antenna. Damm… full strong signal, 5 bar. Ms.k and me very happy that time, we are very excited, because…got free food…yippie!!!!

Imediate I suggest “how about we test again in different room”, they both agree, and we went to another room to test, different floor this time… Result are the same, the laptop just 3 feet far from the AP, no SSID detect.

So on this experience, Ms.k sugest tomorrow we faster go to pray “Dato”(god) near the security check point. Hope the signal will be better after the prayer. My self also can’t explain what is going on… this question always apear in my mind

Believe it or not… I have no answer now

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