Power Continuity system are very important for an organization. My self experience before in a lot of organization such as office, factory, data center or any corporate, especially their server room, the power backup system must fully develop to prevent any power interruption.

At my Ex-company, the server room are support by 3 big size UPS ($800 each), other then this, the whole building still support by a big power generator. There are few time power failure, and the organization operation are still running well without interrupt, because they have Uninterruptible power supplies.

Few kind of power supplies are in the market such as Diesel generators and Petrol generators, also some dry cell UPS. Powercontinuity.co.uk provide full solution over UPS system, to provide your company with operation continuity. They offer free consultation and also professional to design a good solution that suitable your company need, just as low as £10 per days.

UPS system is a must for an organization, example if your company have power failure without any power continuity system, your computer, server might improper shout down and may crash; other then this, air conditional alsoimportant, without it, even your server fully supported with UPS, the temperature in data center will increase and affect your operation too. Don’t wait for disaster to happen, contact Powercontinuity.co.uk for a solution.