Friendship come from Trust or benefit?

What does friendship mean? ist come from trust? or just come from benefit?

Benefit or Needs
For me, i would vote for both. I like sincere friendship, but without benefit, also wont stay long. Benefit that i mention here can be monetory or needs. Such as a husband and wife, other then turst and sincere,honest to each other, the benefit stand between is “needs”, both needs each other.

We make friend, because we know may be future we needs their help. Like my self, i have few best friend, the needs stand behind me and them is socialize, they give me news, and i share idea, vice versa. Always “GIVE AND TAKE”

Trust of Benefit
Today, i feel so sad for an incident, a friend of mine agree to share hosting with together suddently turn off and ask me refund, reason is no privacy…

Our agreement is like that:
Hosting 2 year worth RM299, i have a voucher of RM199 and need to pay RM100 as balance, he sugest we share the RM100 (each person RM50), i agree also, since friendship for sometime, he help me in alot in blogging and i didn calculative with him.

Hosting package can addon 5 domain, i own 3 and he own 2. We both agree with that, since the RM199 voucher is from mine. 

Does Trust apear between us?
When i sign up the hosting, imediate i foward him the admin login and password, we both started FTP to hosting. I am using Admin FTP account because my file are located just after WWW folder, that mean i can access all the file and folder. Today he complaint to me that my ftp can access to his file and he feel no privacy on his file. Now ask me to calculate the balance of 22 month and refund (we sign up the hosting already 2month). So what can i do? i have already give out all the login and pass on the admin FTP and cpanel to him as well at the 1st place. I trust him, and we agree share the hosting

He already broke our initial agreement, should i still keep it?
Well, in this case, the attribute stand between us is TRUST and BENEFIT, i am understand his point of view, no trust exist, and also benefit issue. I won’t because of this few buck of cash and turn my face off from him. No problem for the refund. May be 2 year ago i will do like that, just ignore him and dont want refund.

What for so calculative? Internet is a gold mine. Althought i still not earn any single cent from it, but i believe still have planty of opurtunity out there.

5 Responses to “Friendship come from Trust or benefit?”

  1. seraphangel May 8, 2007 at 11:38 am #

    interesting article, I believe trust comes first, as for benefits, hmm… does not sound to sincere if you be friends with someone jut for benefits, but then I could be too idealistic.

  2. calvyn May 8, 2007 at 2:24 pm #

    Thank for your comment, u are right, we suppose to be trust come 1st. Just like we make blogger friend, we trust each other, read each other post and learn each other knowledge.

  3. iamfreelancer May 11, 2007 at 6:55 pm #

    well… i would say when it come to friends trust always be the first to consider… friends are somehow like your gf/bf relationship minus the intimate parts/session :o)

    i’m not sure how long or how well you know this friends of yours but i’m one thing i’m sure is he does not trust you(or that much). emmm.. another thing to consider is what he intend to put on his web count as a factor too. Maybe he putting his/her own private actored AV cover photo there leh… heheee… :o)

    Please don’t get me wrong as i’m not fueling your dissatisfaction with your friends but just to highlight to you that maybe he/she have his/her personal reason for voiding the initial verbal agreements.

    Talking about benefits, to me if benefits really play a role or count as a factor in choosing a friends… then that friend would not be called a friend instead and it shall be referred to as a “Business Partner”. In business world, if business is no good we simple broke off.

  4. calvyn May 12, 2007 at 1:15 am #

    Well, we just start blog almost at the same time… but when come to blogging, may be he seen me as competitor, and would not like me to know what plugin he have.

  5. ipohchai May 13, 2007 at 9:46 am #

    you could ask him to naik kapal terbang LoL

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