Latest Investment Method

Few month back when I hang out with few friend in a cafe, while having simple conversation, found that 1 of the friend are doing forex related job. I have no idea on forex; as I know the full name is call “foreign exhange”. After she explain to us how the investment work, then only I know what is forex investment about.

Few days later, I meet another friend at a coffee stall which provide wifi free. His gangs of friend sitting there, every person have a laptop, and what I saw over there, they are investing on forex. Seem like a lot people are into forex investment.
Foreign Exchange is a currency trading company which provides us buy and sell the foreign currency, just top up the credit at the company, and using Forex Trading Software to trade (Buy and sell) the currency. The software will shows the forex charts raise or drop. According to my friend, when investor buy the currency up, and the charts over the software raise, he or she will gaining money, while opesite, he or she are lossing money.

Other then this, there are also some update international news shows over the software, invester can base on the news, predict the market raise or drop.

If you planning to invest into Forex, you have to make a good research before involve, as I know, there are a lot company out there does not have a legal license to perform investment.

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  1. Marco May 1, 2009 at 10:28 am #

    Any short term investment either forex or share market is just like gambling. If you see anyone make a decision by candle stick analysis or based on MACD curves, they are all short term players.

    Don’t get into this. If making money is so easy, the brokers will not want to make their earning by the petty commissions. They would opt to invest for themselves instead.

  2. Automated Forex Trading Systems January 14, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    Because of this, it attracts people from all nationalities around the world, as well as, beginners and experts who are trying to make their fortune trading currency.Another exciting feature

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