“I was Un….satisfying with the picture I took” πŸ™

May be is the timing not correct, or my skill still worst.
I quite some time did not went for outing, and this week end, I went for outing with Johnathan, we went there around 5pm and the sky did not act nice, there are some black crown and seen like going to rain. Lighting is the most important for photography, without good lighting, produce worst picture.

I am using the standard lens only, the highest aperture I have is 5.6f after Zoom, still cant make a good effect on this.

The picture above look nice when viewing in my camera LCD, but after view with my computer, yuck~ the color are not sharp at all. I wonder if I shoot this picture with some morning sun light will be better or not.

The sky color, again… yuck~ without sun light, really cant get nice picture, and I should adjust the angle up a bit, to avoid the leave come in.

This picture no comment, er…may be a pretty model stand inside the windows will make this picture more nicer.

Overall for this picture, I still not satisfy with the color, and 1 more thing I told Johnathan, should we go to BANG down the lamp post before we shoot this picture πŸ˜€

πŸ™ sun light may bring this picture better

Damm, the angle again, I should adjust a bit more, Seriously I am not so comfortable with using the view finder yet, when I view it, I did realize the building are appear in my view finder

At last the topic of the days, Ferry, but we did not get a good angle to shoot ferry, so just one picture to share πŸ˜›

That all for my 1st outing, and hopefully this coming week end I can have another outing with Johnathan.

Ops… I forgot, this week end I will go to KL and followed to genting