Addicted to air-conditioning? Fret not! You can still continue to enjoy the cool refuge, albeit more responsibly. Our government suggests restricting room temperature to 24°C, which is currently enforced in all government buildings to raise energy-efficiency standards. The next time you turn on the AC, keep the temperature high to lower the emissions and it could likely lower your electricity bills, too!

Due to the humidity in our country, seeking comfort in an air-conditioned environment has become an inevitable part of our lives. In fact, majority of us are highly dependent on air-conditioners. With energy consumption reaching absurd heights, however, have you thought about how the world is in fact heating up while you are cooling down with the AC?

Carbon emissions and ozone-depleting chemicals are spiralling into the blue skies, contributing to the smog and acid rain that we breathe in daily. Temperatures around the globe are also either soaring or dropping below average. It not only changes our lifestyles but it is a grave indication of global warming.

The rise of such unhealthy signs should remind all of us to put the environment ahead of our cold comforts and seek alternatives to keep ourselves cool, like using a fan instead. During sunnier days, draw the curtains to prevent the indoors from heating up and at night, it feels good to let the cool breeze waft in and provide better insulation. Let’s remember, a green habit a day will keep the damage away!