RAID, is Redundant Array Indenpent Disk, what is RAID 0?

For RAID 0, is a technology which split the data evenly across 2 or more hard drive (striped), with no parity information for redundancy. RAID 0 is not an original RAID levels and it provides no data redundancy.In RAID 0, minimum hard disk will be 2.

To create a larger virtual hard drive with a lot of smaller physical hard drive. Meaning that if the market current largest hard disk size is 2 Tera Bytes, while the server can shows 20 tera bytes hard as a single hard disk, but originally is combine of 20’s 2 tera bytes physical hard drive.

Unfortunately, if you using different size of hard drive, only minimum hard drive space will be apply. Example, you using 1 Tera hard drive striped with another 2 tera hard drive, the final hard disk space will be 2 tera only.

Other then this, according to the theory, RAID 0 also improve performance. How to RAID 0 increase performance?

As we can see on above diagram, the data are split to different hard drive. The minimum hard drive is 2. Lets imagine if a file with 1000MB, write to 1 hard drive require 10minute, with using RAID 0, imagine there are 4 physical hard drive, now require 2.5minute to write this 1000MB file into the hard drive.

Same to reading the file or copying the files.


No data redundancy, since the data are evenly split between all the hard drive, once of the hard disk fail, will bring all your data to hell.


Some said purchase another external hard drive, and schedule a weekly or daily backup of the data to the external drive.