From (Season 1), (Season 2), Advertlet (Season 3), until now, my earning now nearly RM100, previously the amount increase was very slow, until recently my traffic increase, and the amount also followed by increase.

I always saw people blog about their cheque receive from advertlets, so to the badge and stickers, I am admire them and hope to have it too. Hopefully mine can make it by this month.

For those who receive the badge and sticker and blog about it, stand a chance to win RM50, and this competition has been finish. Below are all those winner picture. See how creative they are… (I think I also can make a creative one with my new IT Engineer life)

For those who never cash out from Advertlers like me, don’t sad… Good news for you all, you have an opportunity’s to make a post about above contest at – Blog Advertising in Asia! and stand a chance to get RM20 from making this post.

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