I went to KANGAR, Perlis for a site survey with my boss pass few days back. Went to check the Cat-6 installation in a “Maktab Perguruan Perlis”. 900++ Cat 6 point need to use Agilent tester test…

What is this device? look like fluorescent tubes? or it look like star wars sword (Mini Edition)? Saw this device while on site and shoot it to show here.

This device are out door Antenna, see have a box up there, access point are in there. The access point may be indoor wifi device or outdoor wifi device such as the Dlink outdoor Access point in my previous post or another Outdoor WIFI that I post long time ago.

For this kind of Antenna, it will boost the signal to quite some distance. As this ads below show, “For ILLUMINATION the blind spot”… Can know that the distance coverage quite far

My company have 1 pcs of long antenna, I need to find opportunity to shoot somepicture soon 🙂