Back to my older older post: Why I like photography, i have mention before i like photography and also join some basic class. I am carry a semi SLR camera and soon will get my real SLR

Yesterday when i was sitting in the car while waiting my friend, i have do some testing on my camera. This technique i call it as “Tele Photography” (in my own word), Tele mean long distance photography

Which one nice? To get this effect…, you actually need to play with your Aperture (A), before setting Aperture, the object need to has a distant between your camera. In my case, i have zoom in more the 3X. (Approximate 3 to 5X)

Apeture Setting
On the 1st photo, i have set the Minimum Aperture to F8.0 (The minimum I have)

On the 2nd photo, i have set to Maximum Aperture to F3.5 (The maximum I have)

What is Aperture
After get know the setting that make this effect, so do you know why this setting can get this effect?

Aperture is expressed as F-stop, e.g. F2.8 or f/2.8. The smaller the F-stop number (or f/value), the larger the lens opening (aperture).

Want to know more on the Aperture, try to googling online, yuo will get planty of good explanation there.