Every software vendor is developing their software to be compatible with cloud giant now a days as a lot of end user migrating their system to cloud or hybrid environment.

For end user who hosting their IT environment over Mirosoft Azure, the Azure Marketplace makes ¡t easy: just select Backup Exec from the menu and build yourself a new Backup Exec server. Pre-installed, tastes just like home-made. Few configuration steps, and your new Backup Exec server is protecting “local” Azure workloads. Write data direct to block storage or Azure hot or cool object storage.

  • An inexpensive, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-operate solution to protect
  • Azure cloud workloads . Makes it easy for sysops to deploy trusted data protection into their cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud workloads protected within the same cloud replication between clouds through co-location centers
  • Direct write to Azure storage targets


Microsoft StorSimple as a backup target
Microsoft’s StorSimple solution is a hybrid cloud storage solution that addresses the complexities of exponential data growth. It does this by leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud storage as an extension of the on-premises solution and automatically tiering data across both parts of the infrastructure.

Backup Exec is now certified with StorSimple as a backup target offering the following benefits:

  • Faster backups using local storage
  • Faster restore from local storage
  • SeamlessLy integrates with an Azure cloud storage account to use cost effective Azure Storage
  • Provides offsite storage for disaster recovery