Every Company or organization, mostly have file server to store company data, same to my company. We have a file server which store all the important file and the file server has actually MAP to every employee’s PC when the login to windows. The purpose of mapping this drive is to let them share the data with all the department.

As an IT Officer in this company, I am responsible to ensure the backup of the data has successful everyday. My Company are using “HP DLV IV data cartridge”(Picture Above) which is a backup tape that has 80GB storage space.

Back to 5 year ago, according to the record in my company and the old server backup device which is still exist now, they are using “HP dds-3 data cartridge”(picture above) which is only 24GB storage space. I have found out the device in IT store room and some of the tape as well, and also once of our Email server also attach with it device, but no longer use any more.

Let back to pass! to see what kind of backup device and media we have in our pass

(Diagram obtain from BackupHistory.com)

Punch card – Once of the older type of media to record data, consider 1st generation digital media, starting on year 1951

Magnetic Tapes – A roll of magnetic tape is equal to approximate 10,000 Punch card, so around early 1960, punch card has been replace by magnetic tape

Hard Disk – Do you know who create the world 1st hard disk? is IBM (International Business machine) at year 1956. Hard disk has been improve from low capacity till high year after year, last time few hundred MB to now few hundred GB

Floppy Disk – Floppy disk drive are very common in every PC and most of people are using floppy disk to store data, but the storage are limited, so now a days floppy has been replace by flash drive.

Compact Disk (CD) – CD normally categories to 2 types, CD and DVD, CD are approximate 700MB and DVD are around 4.7GB. Movie and song file normally burn in to CD orDVD

Flash Drive – Some people call it PenDirve or thumbDrive, because it is small, now a days most of the PC attach with USB port, and we just slow our flash drive in to it and

Blu-ray Disks and HD-DVD – This technology are quite new and it has a huge capacity, up to 54GB

Other the this few backup media, there are other backup media such ask network backup solution and online backup solution. Like my company, we are using network backup solution, I able to store my data in my PC’s hard disk, and store the file in my Mapping drive (file server) as well. To know more on the above backup media please do visit BackupHistory.com for more information. This website provide history of the backup media and good explanation on the Backup History

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