Still remember I am giving out SponsoredReview 100USD coupon code at “Get free USD100 credit to be Advertiser“, I have started to created opportunity with the coupon I receive and sorry to said that some of the blogger have bid it and I did not approve.

Just for testing stage, I have randomly pick a lowest bid blogger to blog on me. I was happy to see the review, nice and all positive talk while I first saw this review was complete.

Who know… ๐Ÿ™ At the end I found that this blogger CHEAT me and SponsoredReview. see this blogger set the post publish date to September (Back Date technique). WTF~!

The Actual posting date is 1st Nov, no wonder after I read this review and back to this blogger Index/front page, I never saw my review appear there. I cant search my review on top 10 post in the front page

All the evident are here, and enough for me to DISPUTE this case to SponsoredReview. Now I am waiting SponsoredReview respond

Please Play Honest…….

Internet are full of opportunity, but there are full of CON man, CON Blogger too, but please play nice if you want to stay long at Internet.