~Guys, this is just a joke, don’t take it serious~

Today, when i am having TT (teh tarik a.k.a Drink Tea) with my friend. I heard a conversation between a father and son

Father: Son, do you know why PUBLIC BANK name it “Public” Bank?

Son: Mean the bank open to public, open to all citizen in Malaysia

Father: Yes, you are right, then do you know recently there are another Bank also have a name with similar purpose?

Son: er…National Bank?

Father: nope, National Bank open long time already, not recently.

Son: er… no idea, what is the name?

Father: CIMB bank lo~

Son: why?…

Father: CIMB stand for CINA INDIA MALAYU BANGALI (Chines, indian, malay, Bengali)

Son: Oh..this is what CIMB Bank Mean…

OMG, this is creative… and really this for type of people are the Majority in Malaysia