Back to “I get an Invitation from WMM” to attend Exabytes private movie screening. Today was the day, I arrive around 2pm and exchange for ticket. There are a lot of people. While I get in to the cinema, it is cinema number 1, a large cinema.

I did not take photo there, since so much people already and I am shy to take out my candy bar for a shoot. πŸ™ Hope exabytes will post up some picture in their website.

For this event, other then enjoy the movie, we not much socialize there, every one enjoy movie without talk much to each other and after movie finish, every one dismiss. No time to get know each other.

This is what we get from this event

During the commercial section before the movie start, I realize Exabytes are giving free windows hosting, I am trying to sign up 1 for my self too.