After 1 month plus riding my Benelli TNT135, I manage to track some record on its fuel consumption.

During the 1st day, I carry the bike, 1st thing to do is ride to the petrol station. I fill up RON95 for 6.5 Liter (By default TNT135 had 7.2Liter capacity), meaning that the dealer fills up about 800 ML+ during the bike reach their shop.

1st Record
Next, I am enjoying my ride here and there, 100% city road, a half month later my fuel indicator starts to blink (it blink at 2 bar) while I ride about 230KM. Immediately I ride to the nearest petrol station and fill up the tank, I manage to full 4.74 Liter (Still had about 2.46 Liter within the fuel tank). From this record, I can conclude that the fuel consumption for TNT135 is around 48.5 KM per liter

2nd Record
As usual, I riding 100% city road, 2 weeks later, the fuel indicator starts to blink, this time my record is about 235KM, so not much different with the previous record; we can conclude that once indicator blink, the mileage is around 230KM plus-minus.

I decide to take some risk by not filing up immediately because my Liter/KM calculation, I should able to ride until 350 KM until the last drop of petrol burns up. So I ride another 1 and half day until the indicator no-show a single bar of petrol level and that point of time I reach 305KM of mileage already. I stop at the petrol station and fill to the max with 5.89 Liter of petrol. (Still had about 1.31 Liter left). From this record, I can conclude that the TNT 135 fuel consumption is around 51.78 KM per liter

Next Record
The reason I try to utilize more before I fill up because I wish to burn out more RON95, my next target to test is RON97 since some of the community members mention that RON97 Petrol can last more then 300 KM before the indicator start to blink.

My next record might not be so accurate because of my latest fill up if 5.89 Liter of RON97 with existing 1.31 Liter of RON95. Stay tuned for my next update on Benelli TNT 135 Fuel Consumption on RON97

Update: 3rd Record
After filling 5.89 Liter of Ron97 petrol earlier,  2 weeks later I manage to record a 235KM mileage during the indicator start to blink. The result is not as expected probably due to mixing Ron95 and Ron97.

During the indicator blink, I only run 235 KM only and fill up with approximate 4.81 Liter (We can conclude that after utilizing approximate 4.7-4.8 Liter, the indicator will start blink), I also can conclude that the fuel consumption for TNT135 is around 48.8 KM per litter from this record.

Update: 4th Record
The 2nd tank of Ron97 seem not effective at all, approximate running 225 KM, the indicator starts to blink. I am disappointed with Ron97 and decide to make a last try. During I reach petrol station for next fill up, my mileage running at 273 km, and I had filled up 5.305 Litter of Ron97, this time I visit Petronas (earlier 2 time Ron97 using Petron’s petrol) as some comment Petronas’s petrol more quality and effective, let’s wait for my next record. From this record, I can conclude that the fuel consumption for TNT 135 is around 51.5 km per litter.

Update: 5th Record (Final one for RON97)
This my 3rd tank of Ron97, and I can conclude that it is no difference between both Ron95 and Ron97. I really doubt those who mention Ron97 can ride long distance, are they simply bull shit (no hard feeling please) or they had wrong assumption that better quality petrol allows riding longer distance?

As usual, when I ride approximate 235 Km, the indicator starts blinking, this round, due to petrol price going to announce in 2 daytime, I decided to wait (I wish petrol price drop, but 100% confirm it will rise even ringgit strengthening and crude oil price is dropping. You will know the reason if you are Malaysian). During I reach the petrol station this round, my mileage is running at 313 km, and I manage to fill up 6.19 litters (back to Ron95 this time).  From this record, I can conclude that the fuel consumption for TNT 135 is around 50.56 km per litter.