Last month, I have been invited as “Penceramah” (Lecturer) to conduct a digital marketing course name “Bengkel Digital Marketing 2020” to a local college community – Kolej Komuniti Tasek Gelugor (KKTG) at mainland, Penang.

Bengkel Digital Marketing

KKTG is a college where they provide quality education and technical training to improve a student’s technical skill. For this digital marketing workshop, 15 students from pastry certification course as well as 5 students from Air-cond certification course.

Kolej Komuniti Tasek Gelugor

When I reach this college community, they are at Jalan Teluk Air Tawar, Taban Air Tawar Indah.

Calvyn at KKTG

Next to the entrance, there is a small cafe, consider the college’s cafeteria. According to the in-charge person, they used to bake the pasty and sell in this cafeteria, the college also encouraging the student to bake the pasty and sell it, train them to be an entrepreneur. It also makes sense when I speak with the in-charge person, the college has 4 day practical session and 1 day lecture session; if the student eat all the pastry they make, I believe you can imaging all their body size. (Just joking).

Speaking on entrepreneurship, if you can see outside the college, there is a burger stall? The in-charge person says they used to have student sell burger at night and their unique selling preposition is the bun is made by them self. This is really a very good business strategy for a college, yet due to that area is consider a low income area, community member around that neighbourhood does not have high spending power, so their business is not that good.

In my opinion; is lack of marketing and publicity. If college can leverage on digital marketing strategies, leverage on student to viral it, I believe people from next neighbourhood would willing to travel and purchase their pastry.

Kolej Kominity Tasek Gelugor Cafeteria

What This Bengkel Digital Marketing Covered?

During this Bengkel Digital Marketing workshop, I had deliver a few topics such as fundamental of digital marketing, social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram, each participant manages to create their own Facebook fan page for business as well as Instagram account for business.

Apart from this, each participant also learns website marketing, how to set up their own business website, lead capture page for email marketing and also on page search engine optimization such as title and description for their website.

Kolej Komuniti Tasek Gelugor Computer Lab

The college has very well equipt computer lab (they are using IBM computer), also a fast internet connection (Speed test 30Mbps-50Mbps). Approximate 30 computer in the lab and because of social distancing, we could not fully utilize all the seats.

Bengkel Digital Marketing KKTG

For this Bengkel Digital Marketing workshop, because of all the participant is Malay, I am using bahasa Malaysia to conduct; is consider a breakthrough for me as I never conduct any class using bahasa Malaysia earlier, most of my class are in English and done once mandarin class in Johor. I would say my bahasa is not that fluent, lucky the participant able to understand and enjoy the 2 day class. Thanks to some participant for giving positive review too.

participant facebook review

Afiqah says: “Clear description in digital marketing, supportive and ready to help if you do not understand something.”

participant facebook review

participant facebook review

Hanani says: “the description given by Calvyn Lee is very clear .. and fun to learn with Calvyn”

participant facebook review

participant facebook review

Appreciate for your wonderful comment & review, looking forward to have next bengkel digital marketing workshop with KKTG again in near future.