I am proud to be a Divi user! Let me recap again why I choose Divi!

  1. Top 3 WordPress page builder in the world
  2. License is lifetime access with unlimited WordPress site.
  3. Ton of layout to choose from

Well, a lot Divi user also asks which hosting best for Divi WordPress site? If you are looking for great WordPress hosting that works flawlessly with Divi WordPress and comes with automatic Divi installation. Now Elegant Themes have the perfect solution for you! We have 3 Best hosting for Divi WordPress.

Best Hosting For Divi WordPress

Best Hosting For Divi WordPress

Elegant Themes partnered with their favorite WordPress hosts to give Divi user a simple way to create Divi websites that are fast, backed by a modern hosting infrastructure that meets all of Divi’s requirements and supported by leading WordPress professionals.

There are a lot of hosting options out there and they aren’t all created equal, Elegant Themes help their customers every day deal with hosting related compatibility issues that can be incredibly frustrating, every Divi user needs hosting to use Divi and your hosting experience doesn’t need to be a struggle.

So what is Divi hosting in a nutshell? Put simply Divi hosting is great WordPress hosting, provided by Elegant Themes’s favorite WordPress hosts, fine-tuned to be Divi optimized, and able to be integrated with your elegant themes’ account, to provide automatic Divi WordPress installation, license key generation, and product activation directly within the hosting dashboard.

Meaning that you can get your website up and running quickly and enjoy using Divi WordPress without having to worry about anything else, Divi is amazing WordPress site builder, and it’s even better on a great Divi hosting.

So which hosting best for Divi WordPress that recommended by Elegant Themes? Below have a list of 3 best hosting for Divi WordPress recomended by Elegant Themes.

SiteGround Web Hosting

Divi Hosting Siteground

Siteground Divi WordPress hosting is most affordable pricing among this 3, it also consider industrial leader in web hosting since 2004.

Pressable Web Hosting

Pressable Hosting

FlyWheel Web Hosting

FlyWheel Hosting