Quite some time ago, I have a friend introduce me a program, this program able to make money if you install a small software into your computer and let it run 24/7/365 without close. I was curious and thinking how can this be truth? How this company make money to paid us?

black hat blogger

At last, I realize how it works, this company actually provide  server up time tracking service, so it require a lot machine from different places, different IP and Mac Address to ping their client website, and send report back to them. While this small software install at our PC, is actually their “bot” which ping their client website and send the result back to them.

So their client paid them for the service, they paid us as return.

I was thinking does there any service offer the similar concept, install a small program at our computer, and it can automatic surf a lot website it self, and earn credit, then we use the credit to exchange traffic or visit from other computer to our website automatically. Do you think this possible?

As dream come true, I found this  China website name “sardin fish”, I will try to translate some basic step for you guys to follow.

1. Access URL VirtualVisit.cn , or my affiliate link below, then  click on register here


sardin fish login

2. Fill up all the information, such as user name, password, email address… then agree the T&C and register


3. After you register, come back to the main page. login with your user name and password,

sardin fish login

you will see the menu bar as below, go to download software

menu bar

menu bar

4. You require to download the software and run it


5. When you open the software, “vvisit.exe“, key in your user name and password and hit login, once login it will automatic surf other people website and help you collect point.


6. Once you success login, it will should your User ID, Today Point, Down line Point, total point, and your local IP at behind. If you wish every time when you open computer, and this software automatic run, just tick the check box.

vvisit stat

On the status section, it will shows some stat on your PC browsing some website, 40times browsing earn 1 point if not mistaken. If you no idea, you can look for tutorial, or login to your account back end.

7. You can see the result over the software, or login back to the website, go to “User Center” (refer step 4), this section show your affiliate link, user status, point information.

User Center

8. After earn enough point, you can go to “traffic system“(refer step 4) to exchange for traffic. You can put in direct URL, meaning that all this bot will direct access your website, or choose referral URL.

traffic exchange

Referral URL mean some other website which can found your link. The bot will access the website and come to your website like natural traffic. For example, at google search “IT ENGINEER” it will come out my website, and copy the whole URL above your search, and paste at referral URL section. eg.


Other then search engine, you can put other website which available your a link to your website.

The best thing is you able to control the traffic by limit it at the certain time frame, at the “traffic system, above the submit URL section, choose “control traffic time

Tips : Furthermore, I am collecting point right now, and 1 more tips from this website, it will automatically click your “a,d,s”. Sound cool? beware, don’t over use and it might make you regret.