Few week back my friend NC Lee as organize a small trip to Bukit Berapit at Bukit Mertajam, just for a short hiking to the hill.

When we reach the destination, there are a temple, and some nice view on top of the hill.  Whether not that good, so cant shoot a clear view to the city. I just manage to take some shoot only.

bukit berapit temple

This broken lamp just give me feel like the Halloween pumpkins 😛


bukit berapit temple

This guy from left is NC Lee, the one never show his photo online before. Middle one is his friend, Hui Hui, 1st time meet her, coincidentally she is one of my Uni friend’s sister and follow by Mei Yi from MeiMeiZoe.blogspot.com, and still have 2 more female too shy to get into the photo 😛

Bukit berapit is a nice place for those who like a short distance hike, if happen to have some one organize this trip again, I might interest to go again!