Before the Wifi Treasure Hunt, I suggest to my team mate that we need power source for our modem and lappy. Previously we plan to bring in UPS, but unfortunately, the power in UPS can’t stand long, only 15 to 30 min.

I recall long time ago when I working as part time sales in a PDA shop during my academic break. I saw a device which able to convert the car battery power (DC) to become our normal (AC) 220V power. I when to search online and found this key word. “POWER INVERTER.

Power Inverter

I when thought few electrical shop and find this device, the price are damm expensive, around MYR300 for a 300Watt Power Inverter, and MYR380 for 500Watt. Lucky my father still have some good relationship with a shop at town, we manage to bough 1 800Watt with only MYR260

Power Inverter

According to the shop owner, there also have 1000 watt which for long distance bus use, they require some micro oven, frig, TV and DVD player. The more Watt, may able to provide more power.

I saw the cheapest will be less then MYR100, a 130Watt Power Inverter, which able to support a printer. This small inverter suitable for those Sales personal which need to prepare some instant document in car during travel.