An excellent creation by Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of Rich Dad Poor Dad had landed here in Malaysia many years ago, called the CashFlow 101. It is an educational board game that strive to instil the investing ideas into the mind of the player by teaching them how to make their money work for them. Such can be achieved by practicing the essence of accounting while simulating the financial input or cash flow through risk free setting the money. Now players have the chance to experience the greatness of this Cash flow 101 board game in Malaysia.

cash flow board game by robert kiyosaki

The primary objective by Robert Kiyosaki in creating this board game is to share his financial knowledge of the Rich Dad Poor Dad ontology. He encourages self education on the money subject and had a wonderful insight on how to generate more income through the study of financial statement or how to make your money grow with little effort, which will eventually get you out of the ‘rat race’. All the teaching conducted by Robert Kiyosaki in this Cashflow 101 board game is about passive income and how to think out of the box.

cashflow boardgame

This is not only a magnificent board game, but it is also fun to play with. What’s more, it teaches you a thing or two every time you play it, even after you had played it for a hundred times. How? The idea of passive income itself requires more creative thinking to fully grab hold of how it actually works, hence, with the help of this board game; you can have a brief idea on how to manage your everyday businesses without much hiccups.

As stated in his writing of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki incorporates some of his personal findings into this cashflow board game. Such can be seen as this board game comes in two stages. One is ‘the rat race’. In this stage, players’ objective is to escape from the ‘rat race’ by generating positive cash flow or ‘passive income’. This can be achieved with the purchases of properties, businesses or investments like mutual fund or stock. The key is to make sure your earnings exceed your expenses. However, during this stage, no winners will be named.

Once you have successfully fled from the ‘rate race’ and stepped into the second stage which is call ‘the fast track’.  You will obtain a ‘new earnings’ by increasing your passive income by 100. In order to win, your goal is to purchase your ‘dream’ which will be selected at the beginning of the game; or by achieving a set target, with an additional $50,000 through purchases of business opportunities.

While playing, ‘score cards’ and financial statement will also be included. Players have to jot down their financial statement for easy reference. Sounds pretty interesting right? So go the nearest board game outlet and grab yourself a cash flow game here in Penang. A set of board game cost approximate RM199, else you may participate in any Cashflow 101 board game session around Penang. A minimum of 2 players and maximum of 6 players, if you are interested to try, just drop me a message here, and probably we can organize one game session if there are 4 to 6 players.