This morning my boss pass me a bag of tools, and ask me to play around. If I not sure how to use may ask my senior colleague.

Wow, it is almost same like the Fluke Fiber tester, the brand is from Agilent. The price for this tools I not sure, after asking my colleague, the price are higher then the fluke, approximate RM30 to 40K per set.

This Tester if for Cat-6 cable only, for Cat-5 cable is using the yellow fluke tester.

This tester are more advance from the fluke one, it is tough screen. My boss ask me test out because they have a project at WAWASAN University. Installing the Cat-6 cable at their server room, after the installation, me and my colleague need to go test cable and ensure the cable are workable. Each test (end to end) took 1 minute plus, there are 240 point in the server room. Wow…how long I need

When start testing, it have a green indicate in another end point.

When 2 green light, mean already almost half successful.

After finishing, it need to calculate.

The cable successful. PASS already when having 3 green light in the end point.

There also indicate the data power pass between the tester, some more can indicate how long is the cable. Well, another few day I will have the life test at Wawasan University, hope can make some life test picture here.