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Implementing UNIX [Part 2]

After understand on how to implementing unix part 1, currently we are look into detail on X terminals If you are running UNIX on a central high-spec computer and connecting to it from a group of less powerful terminals – as is the case with mainframe systems – you can install the X Window System […]

Implementing UNIX [Part 1]

After get to know on how to choose Unix part 1 and part 2, now time to implement unix. Uses of UNIX You can use the UNIX operating system on a wide range of computers, from standalone home PCs to high-end network and Internet servers. Because networking has been an integral aspect of UNIX throughout its development, […]

How to Choose Unix [Part 2]

Last month, I have come across how to choose Unix, with which UNIX to choose, commercial UNIX, and open source UNIX, lets see how the “Brands of commercial UNIX“and “Brands of open source UNIX”. Brands of commercial UNIX Some of the most famous and widely used brands of UNIX include Sun’s Solaris and Hewlett Packard’s […]

How to Choose Unix [Part 1]

While the Linux variant of UNIX is fast becoming a desktop operating system, UNIX’s multiuser capabilities make it ideally suitable in a server role. When tasked as a web or database server, a properly configured UNIX system will provide unparalleled periods of uptime, requiring little service. The structure of UNIX means that in the case […]