It has been a long week end, Saturday, Sunday and Monday due to Malaysia independent day 31th Aug  fall along the week end.

I was having my movie day at cinema for Saturday, Sunday and Monday with some of my friend!

I manage to convince them because I able to get some buy 1 free one promotion offer from Cathay Cineplex. Cathay Cinema always provide a very great deal!

Unfortunately, Cathay Cineplex always have some trouble which the offer at cinema does not really match with what their website stated. See this:


cathay citibank

Back to my previos complain at Cathay Cineplex Scam Promotion, also similar case. The website mention offer available all time, every day, but the cashier over the counter does not have good product knowledge, some give on week end and public holiday, but some not, this is the reason make me mad.

Now again make me disapointed 🙁 

According to the website, it show that buy 1 free 1 with the citibank clear card, and with RM2, you are allow to buy a set of popcorn combo, but the cashier told me no such thing available for this new promotion.

WTF! Again, I have email their cathay cineplex headquarter at Singapore and Malaysia’s branch, also CC a copy to citibank.

 Let see how their explain! 🙁