Does you all realize that below “About me”, there are IP address appear there? Yes, that was your public IP address. With the below code, you may show your reader his/her public IP address

Your IP Is <?php $ip=$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’];
echo “$ip”; ?>

With this above code, I don’t need to access when I need to know my IP address, just access will do.

Make your own and is those website that show your current Public IP address. Normally I need the public IP address to enable me doing VNC troubleshooting (Talk about VNC soon)

You also may have your own WHAYISMYIP similar website by downloading the CLONE script. I have made my own WHAYISMYIP clone at

If you would like to have your own WHAYISMYIP similar website, you may download my clone script at here Whatismyip clone script Just upload this to your hosting, enjoy it.

You may edit the index.php, just follow my instruction in the coding part to replace your own logo and welcome word.