CiscoCisco launch Catalyst 9000 series around mid of 2017, and it becomes the recommended replacement for the current catalyst 3k, 4k, and 6k switch. In short, Catalyst 3650 & 3850 replace by Catalyst 9300, Catalyst 4000 series replace by Catalyst 9400 and Catalyst 6000 series will be replaced by Catalyst 9500.

A lot of people is asking is there any new replacement for the famous Cisco Catalyst 2960 access switch (latest model 2960X)? Up to date, there is insider news from Cisco mention that Catalyst 9200 series is coming soon and it will be the replacement for Catalyst 2960.

Not much detail or datasheet shows for Catalyst 9200 series yet, and we are waiting for the official announcement and major changes will be on the DNA subscription, designed for DNA and SD-Access. Where latest 2960X does not contain such feature. do Check out below video for more detail on the Software Define Access.

As a conclusion, coming soon we will have the 2960x replacement, it will be the catalyst 9200 series

Update 26 Nov 2018: Cisco Catalyst 9200 Datasheet is available since 14 Nov 2018. We shall see more detail coming up next