I am taking Cisco Meraki Black Belt Program Level-1 Exams’ COLT Test. After 2nd attempts, I pass with 82%, the passing rate is 80%. Below are the question and answer I choose. If you follow below answer, you should get your self passing this Cisco Meraki Foundational Level exam too. (Answer follow BOLD)

Q1. which of the following components enables context-aware security & connectivity when gets deployed on a Meraki network infrastructure?
A.Meraki MX
B.Meraki MR
C.Meraki SM
D.Meraki MS
E.Meraki MC

Q2. which of the below products are required for setting up VPN Security through System Manager’s Senetry features ?
A.System Manager & Meraki MR
B.System Manager & Meraki MX
C.System Manager & Meraki MS
D.None of the Above

B, D is wrong. Try your luck!

Q3. Meraki System Manager Mobile Application Management allows administrators to share files with remote devices. Is this statement True or False?

Q4. Which of the below Meraki System Manager feature offers remote wipe devices in the case of theft or lost of device?
A.Mobile Identity (MI)
B.Mobile Application Management(MAM)
C.Mobile Content Management (MCM)
D.Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Q5. One customer is having HQ and it’s Branch location. Now they wanted to execute Advance level security features at HQ but only enterprise level security features at their branch location so which one of the below possible way go with Meraki MX licensing subscription?
A.Subscribe for Enterprise license at branch and Advance security license at HQ
B.Subscribe for Advance security licenses for both branch & HQ
C.Subscribe for Enterprise security licenses for both branch & HQ
D.All of the Above

Q6. What does Meraki Cloud Management license cover?
A.All enterprise technical support
B.Firmware updates
C.Access to all cloud-based wireless features that your AP’s hardware supports
D.All of the Above

Q7. Which of the four resources are included in the commercial sales starter kit?
(Choose 2)
A.Cisco configuration professional
B.Positioning guide
C.Fast track offers
D.The help section within the meraki dashboard
E.Router/Switch selector tool

B,C is wrong / A,C is wrong. Try your luck!

Q8 . Where do cisco meraki customers go to open and manage outgoing support cases?
• A.The meraki portal within SalesForce.com
• B.Through cisco meraki support e-mail alias (helpdesk)
• C.The cisco TAC service request system
• D.The help section within the meraki dashboard
• E.None of the Above

B, D is wrong. Try your luck!

Q9 What is the interface used to access the Cisco Meraki Dashboard?
A.Terminal (mac) or Command-prompt (windows)
B.Cisco IOS command line interface
C.Secure Shell
D.Web Browser
E.None of the Above

Q10 If developer gets “404:Not found” HTTP response from the API then what message it conveys?
A.No such URL or you don’t have access to the API or organization.
B.You don’t have permission to request anything.
C.Malformed or request with missing parameter sent.
D.None of the Above

Q11. What are the two APIs that Cisco Meraki offers out of the box?
(Choose 2)
A.Dashboard API
B.Remote logging API
C.Scanning API
D.Client device monitoring API
E.Automated failover API

Q12. Meraki MR66 access point can scan all the 2.4GHz & 5GHz channels in surrounding RF environment looking for potential wireless threats & neutralizing that threats to protect the network from malicious attack. Is this statement True or False?

Q13. Which of the below accurately captures the Cisco Meraki datacenter design?
A.Hybrid cloud & on-premises deployment compraised of custom designed servers for real-time replication of data
B.Regional availability providing data on-demand that replicates customer data and application across global infrastructure.
C.Globally distributed, co-located SSAE16 (SAS70 type II)certified data centers offering 99.99% uptime SLA.
D.Close partnership with hundreds of 3rd party hosting facilities that integrate with existing controls in on-prem environment.

Q14. Meraki MS switches uses which of the below protocols to advertise the appropriate coice & data VLANs to any directly connected Cisco IP phones?
(Choose 2)

Q15. Which next generation feature can the Meraki MS platform support?
A.Power stacking
B.Fiber Channel
C.Multigigabit Ethernet
D.Multichassis trunking

Q16. In Meraki Network Topology MS switches are represented by which one of the below symbols?
E.None of the above

I think is C, but wrong, 1st attempt wrong, 2nd attempt I choose D also wrong. Try your luck!

Q17. What is one of the next generation features that the Cisco Meraki MS platform can support?
A.Power stacking
B.Fiber channel
C.Multigigabit Ethernet
D.Multi-chassis Trunking
E.None of the Above

Q18. Which one of the below option is scalable management and bulk configuration tool used to manage cisco Meraki MS switch ports?
A.virtual stacking
B.bulk templates
C.aggregation configuration
D.topology management
E.None of the Above

Q19. Which audio codec MC74 supports?
(Choose 2)
E.All of the Above

Q20. MC74 operates on which of the below PoE capable switch?
A.IEEE 802.3at
B.IEEE 802.3af
C.IEEE 802.3bt
D.All of the Above
E.None of the Above

Q21. How many phone numbers can be managed upto in MC74 phone?

Q22. In Meraki Communication products all calls are secure end to end using which of the below protocols?
(Choose 2)

B,C is wrong / D,E is wrong/ Try your luck!

Q23. Is MV71 IP66 rated?

Q24Which Codec MV71 supports?

Q25. What resolution MV12 cameras record in?

Q26. What are the two benefits that the cisco Meraki MV platform gains from leveraging the cloud and edge architecture?
(Choose 2)
A.All recorded video footage is stored in the meraki cloud servers for long-term archiving.
B.Granular, role-based access can be configured and quicky shared with 3rd parties.
C.Integration with other cloud-based physical security and access control systems.
D.Instant video playback directly within the Meraki dashboard with zoom and enhanced availability.
E.No dependencies on NVR system translates to reduced complexity and OPEX/CAPEX.

Q27. What is the recommended way of positioning MX devices in an organization if customer wants HQ with advance security enabled features & branch with enterprise security enabled features?
A.Make both HQ & branch MX devices in single organization with advance security license subscription at HQ MX device and enterprise MX device with enterprise license subscription.
B.Make both HQ & branch in separate organization either with advance security license subscription or with enterprise license subscription. Additionally Configure Non-Meraki VPNs between the organizations.
C.Make all the MX devices in single organization either with advance security license subscription or with enterprise license subscription.
D.All of the above

Q28. Meraki MX84 offer maximum VPN throughput of?
A.1 Gbps

Q29. The 802.11 frequency 2.4GHz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance while 5GHz offers coverage for farther distance at slower data rates. Is this statement true or false?

Q30. What are the two ways that the MX security appliance achieve automatic failover and high availability?
(Choose 2)
A.Survivable Remote Site Telephony
B.Warm Spare (using VRRP)
C.Dual redundant uplink support (multiple ISPs)
D.Always On (availability groups)
E.Redundant Gateway (using HSRP)

Q31. Meraki MX64E supports which one of the below interface types?
(Choose 2)
A.Copper Gigabit-Ethernet
B.SFP Gigabit-Ethernet
C.SFP 10Gigabit-Ethernet
D.Universal Serial Bus
E.None of the Above

Q32. What is the built-in technology on the MR platform that utilizes one-way beacon advertising to interact with applications?
A.Adaptive radio management
B.Radio resource management
C.BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
E.None of the above

Q33. Which of the below MR Access point is dedicately designed for hospitality industry?
E.None of the Above

Q34. Multi-user MIMO in MR42 serves how many clients at the sametime?

Try B, C, D all wrong, Try your luck!

Q35. Which are the two functions performed by the dedicated third radio in MR access points?
(Choose 2)
A.WLAN controller
B.DHCP addressing
C.RF optimization (Auto RF)
D.Wireless IPS (Air marshal)
E.Site survey planning

Q36. Traditional IT solutions reduces cost and complexity by automatically taking care of infrastructure costs of scaling plus the facilities and maintenance cost of global availability. True or False?

First time I choose A, wrong, Second time I choose B also wrong, try your luck. Recommend you try A first.

Q37. Cloud based solution it enables Lean IT and business outcomes by giving time back to IT admins and leaders by executing business projects and solving technology problems faster. True or False?

Q38. Which two security tools allow administrators to maximize the security of their Dashboard management accounts?
(Choose 2)
A.Role-Based Administration
B.Two-Factor Authentication
C.Local (direct) access only policies
D.Captcha challenge-response tests
E.Biometric Authentication
A, B iswrong /B, C is wrong /B, D is wrong. Try your luck

Q39. Which of the below products are considered a part of the Meraki full stack?
(Choose 2)
A.Aironet Wireless Aps
B.Catalyst Switches
C.MR wireless Aps
D.UCS servers
E.MX security appliance

Good luck with your exam, and 20,000 points is waiting for you.

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