Cisco is offering a wonderful mobility express bundle package. Pricing of this promo bundle (2 AP + 1 Controller + 25 AP license) is almost same like a price of 2 AP. Basically the Controller and the 25 AP license can consider zero cost.

Mobility Express Bundle

Below table give you basic idea on the USD list price. Do your own calculation and you will find how fantastic this promo bundle is

Item Name Description Quantity ListPrice Extended
1700 Bundle
AIR-AP1702I-C-WLC Mobility Express Bundle AP1700i-C and WLC2504 with 25 lic 1 1,490.00 1,490.00
2700 Bundle
AIR-AP2702I-UX-WLC Mobility Express Bundle AP2700i and WLC2504 with 25 lic 1 2,290.00 2,290.00
3700 Bundle
AIR-AP3702I-UX-WLC Mobility Express Bundle AP3700i and WLC2504 with 25 lic 1 3,090.00 3,090.00
Ala Carte Purchase
AIR-CT2504-25-K9 2504 Wireless Controller with 25 AP Licenses 1 6,495.00 6,495.00
AIR-CAP1702I-C-K9 802.11ac CAP; 3×3:2SS; Int Ant; C Reg Domain 2 695.00 1,390.00
AIR-CAP2702I-C-K9 802.11ac CAP w/CleanAir; 3×4:3SS; Int Ant; C Reg Domain 2 1,095.00 2,190.00
AIR-CAP3702I-C-K9 802.11ac Ctrlr AP 4×4:3SS w/CleanAir; Int Ant; C Reg Domain 2 1,495.00 2,990.00

For the 2504 Series controller, may suitable for an environment which less then 75 AP, additional license can be purchae via this top level SKU number L-LIC-CT2504-UPG.

Mobility Express Bundle

I come across this question toward High Availability issue. Partners ask can the controller convert to be HA unit? Yes it can, When you convert AIR-CT2504-25-K9 to AIR-CT2504-HA-K9, basically the 25 build in AP license will no longer valid on HA mode.

Example when a environment need HA for the controller, partners can purchase 2 set of mobility express bundle, make one controller to become HA, you only left 25 AP license with this solution.