When customer look at the Aironet datasheet, example 1815i, it shows 2 different power injector, which one the right choice? According to the datasheet, Input power requirements show both Power injector AIR-PWRINJ5= vs AIR-PWRINJ6=, hence customer will curious which one to choose?


What the different between AIR-PWRINJ5= vs AIR-PWRINJ6=?

The answer is both are suitable, and base on the Power draw for Aironet 1815i is only maximum of 8.3 Watt. While AIR-PWRINJ5= support up to 15.4 Watt (refer AIR-PWRINJ5= installation guide, Preface’s section), and AIR-PWRINJ6= support up to 30 Watt (refer AIR-PWRINJ6= installation guide, product overview’s section)

In another hand, when you look at Aironet 1832i datasheet, it powering option shows it can use Cisco power injector, AIR-PWRINJ5= (Note: This injector supports 802.3af only) & AIR-PWRINJ6=; from wiki, you can see that 802.3af support up to 15.4 Watt, same as it shows in the AIR-PWRINJ5= installation guide.

For Aironet 1832i datasheet, it shows Power draw 15.4 Watt, which AIR-PWRINJ5= is more than sufficient to support it; unfortunately, another consideration as shown in the note “When deployed using a PoE specification, the power drawn from the power sourcing equipment will be higher by some amount, depending on the length of the interconnecting cable.”

Let’s see the next Aironet 1852i, Powering options shows it support 802.3at, provides up to 25.5 W, it uses AIR-PWRINJ6= and also can use Cisco power injector AIR-PWRINJ5= and power draw for this Access point is 20.9 Watt. Eventually, AIR-PWRINJ5= still can power up the AP, but performance will be dropped, best suitable injector is recommended to purchase AIR-PWRINJ6=.

While the Aironet 2800 and 3800 series, the datasheet will not show AIR-PWRINJ5= any more, as it does not support for this 2 AP. Well, hope the above explanation help you to understand the differences between both Cisco power injector AIR-PWRINJ5= vs AIR-PWRINJ6=.

Note: When you come to Cisco’s product, Meraki also another brand where they have different power injector SKU that might bring you confuse which to choose, you might be interested to learn Cisco Meraki power injector “MA-INJ-4-UK vs MA-INJ-5-UK“.