Few week back, once of my top level management personel face a problem when login webmail, the password always auto apear after she key in the UserName, example i key in “it” and the password automatic apear, that mean the password have been remember in the particular PC.

Do you feel funny??? there was no “remember me” check box for me to tick… 

After i consult with some IT friend, they teach me to upgrade the IE to ver.7, then the password will be erase. Today, i use this method, but it did’t help much.

How to erase the password? for IE ver6
I have call my senior at KL, he advice me to check at the Internet option, at content tab click on AutoComplete then look for the Clear Password

How to erase the password? for IE ver 7
The way are almost the same, go to Internet Option, directly at General Tab, click delete, then at the password column, click delete password

Yup, that the easy way… few week back, the PC are still in IE ver6, so i did not know how to delete the password, i just clear the cache and Internet Temporary File.

Althought when i went to the top management office, there are very presure and anytime will eat bullet, but today, i learn another new thing lo… at least gain some knowledge