Beginning of this week, me and my “Sifu” (senior colleague) went to a client company for IT support, and my Sifu pass me a laptop, he said if the user forgot the windows login password. Ask me to find a solution (my assignment)

Wow, such a deep question here,

Me: Sifu~ totally unable to login windows, how to clear it?

Sifu: Find solution, there has few solution out there, try to googling,

Until today, I found a few solutions and still testing it. Here have some action to show, but can’t solve my problem yet, because this method is do it went you are already in windows. (sad..but not the solution for my assignment 🙁 )

Click Start -> Run -> type cmd (Open a Command Prompt)

Type C:\> net user

You will see the available user in your PC

To clear that particular user password

Type C:\> net user username password (example like above)

Above picture, i have change Calvyn password to 11223344

The above method does not apply to what I looking at. This method is useful provided that you already login into the windows, but for my case, I am not able to login into windows yet.

Update you more soon.