Back to my previous post on MIRC ICT week, I have gain some valuable info about getting free consultation on Ebay… I did not get this flyer actually, but my friend Legend Chew who have this flyer in the goodies bag. Thank to Legend who scan this info and mail it to me!

When talking about E-Commerce, there are a lot of gurus out there. For blogger, I know there are 2 blogger that very pro in this field, Jenny How, full time eBay seller and Kaiwah, an E-Commerce lecturer. There are quite some interesting e-commerce topic in their blog.

For the above information, you just need to logon to and submit your contact to Ebay, some one from Ebay will contact you and guide your step by step to become a seller on Ebay.

I am going to try it out soon, because I wish to become a Ebay seller and earn some extra cash too.

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