All Malaysian Blogger Alert, currently have a blogger contest organize by, manage by The Star and sponsored by Genting.

I found this contest when I accidentally visit a blog call really thank for Hong Kiat.

The purpose of this contest actually is to gather all Malaysian blogger under one root and let all the reader search all kind of blog they interested. This contest or project actually is “AllMalaysian Bloggers Project” (AMBP) manage by

It is cools, some time when I want to find some topic about camera, I really no idea where to find this kind of blog, with this kind of project, it is easy for me to look for related topic.

How to participate?

  1. Must have an account on The Star online, don’t have, register here.
  2. If you already have the account, use the same login name and password to login at All at here.
  3. Key in all your blog title and information needs.
  4. Copy once of the badge from the website such as below. And put it in your blog.

What you require?

  • Thumbnail of your blog (resolution: 100×75)
  • Blog Title
  • Blog description not more than 25 words.
  • Blog URL

This project are sponsored by Genting, and price are very attractive, 5 Grand Price for blogger and 5 Grand Price for Voter. I just wonder whether can vote for my self… So, get your self in now!!!