Conversion tracking.
Conversion tracking allows you to see which phrase generated a sale or inquiry. How does it do this?

If you were selling sunglasses and you used the phrase “Rayban sunglasses” in your campaign, when someone puts “Rayban sunglasses” into the search box of Google it would trigger your ad to come up. They then click on it and this brings them onto your site. They then decide to buy a pair of Rayban sunglasses from you, they go to your payment page and put in their card details and make the purchase.

Conversion tracking tracks them from the moment they click on your ad to the moment they buy. It then ads a 1 next to phrase in your campaign to show you that phrase has generated a sale. Now you know which phrases in your account are making sales and which are not. The next step is easy. Get rid of the phrases that are not resulting in sales! Keep the ones that are!

Before we go into the next features
I would like to remind all AdWords users that you are paying for every person who visits your site so you should be very interested in what they do when they land on it. These features let you know exactly that.

Site Overlay.
This is a facility that allows you to see where a person goes when they land on your site. Are they actually going where you want them to go. If not, you can change the position or colour of buttons to make them stand out so that visitors are funneled to the pages where you want them to go.

The exit page.
The exit page tells you where people leave your site. What is making them leave on that page. What is it about that page that is making them leave. You want to people to stay on your site so now you know which pages are the ones you need to change to keep them on your site.

Traffic sources.
In the analytics you have a facility called “Cross Channel Tracking” This allows you to see where every visitor to your site is coming from. All on one page. So you can see clearly which search engine, portal or list is driving the best traffic to you. I have had clients that were convinced that AdWords was making them their profits when actually the majority of customers were coming from other sources. Based on what they found here they closed down their advertising on several paid portals and reduced their AdWords
advertising and did not see any significant drop in their sales.

They saved a lot of money! Its well worth finding out!

Written by Graham Callingwood, The Top Page Guru