When come to adobe product, reseller require to certified in order to sell Adobe product, this is to ensure that reseller had sufficient knowledge when come to end user question.

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To start creative suite 6 overview exam; First login URL at adobechanneltraining.com, after login go to My Training/ Creative Suite/ English/ Level 1/ and open “CS6 – 01EN: Level 1 Overview“, after finish the training, click the “Exam: CS6 Overview

Before you start creative suite 6 exam, here is some prep question you would like to study before taking the exam. No worry as this CS6 Exam you will have 10 chances.

Question 1. Which of the following individual products are brand-new in CS6?
A. Adobe Flash Professional
B. Adobe Creative Cloud
C. Adobe Prelude
D. Adobe Speedgrade

Answer in my opinion will be “Adobe Prelude” and “Adobe Speedgrade”

Question 2. Fill in the blank. Organisations who want access to Creative Cloud membership before the launch of the Creative Cloud Team, can be offered ___________________
A. To be contacted at the second half of 2012
B. Creative Cloud Individual
C. To place a pre-order for the Creative Cloud Team membership
D. Creative Cloud Team Ready Offer

Answer in my opinion will be “Creative Cloud Team Ready Offer”

Question 3. Which of the following are sales tools provided to you from Adobe?
A. Grow your deal
B. Sell Creative Cloud
C. 5 reasons to call
D. Upgrade to CS6
E. Sell up to CS6

Answer in my opinion will be “Sell up to CS6”

Question 4. Which suites have been combined to make a brand new suite?
A. Design & Web Premium
B. Design & Web Standard
C. Design & Video Premium
D. Web & Video Premium

Answer in my opinion will be “Design & Web Premium”

Question 5. From below, select which are our customers, and therefore our, four biggest priorities.
A. Multi-Channel
B. Multi-platform
C. Multi-device
D. Design & interactivity
E. Business Success

Answer in my opinion will be “Multi-Channel”, “Multi-device”, “Design & interactivity” and “Business Success”

Good luck for your CS6 exam prep question above!