Credir/Debit Card VS Paypal

Credit card bring harm?
Credit card, see like very useful in the movie. Taking money out from pocket or wallet has seen like out dated. According to the research, a lot of people now a days owing credit card, some of the countries declare their resident owing credit until get sue by bank and bankrupt. Does credit card bring harm to us?… i don’t think so.

Pay Pal need Credit Card to verify
Last year, around end of October to the beginning of November, i purchase Pay Pal fund from a person at, his name is “LokGP”. This person is recommend by once of my class mate – CYC ; after few private message(PM) with LokGp on all the detail, the rate was 1:3.5 , i immediate bank in RM28 to his account, less then 2 days, he transfer Pay Pal fund USD8 for me…Damm, i cant accept the Pal Pal fund. Immediate I PM him and post my problem at forum, i found that to accept Pay Pal Fund, i must have a credit card to verify my Pay Pal account.

Public Bank’s Debit Card
After the research, i found that Debit card also can be use. so i went to apply a Debit card from Public bank, it took around 3 week time to process, i have to make a deposit of RM25 and cost me few buck of sampling  fees. It is more safety then Credit Card, why?… u can just make a deposit on any amount u want, if the card get use by other, the Maximum loss also the amount in the Card. that is the benefit of Debit Card, no future money in site. Some more have 0.5% of bonus for every ringgit you spend.

So apply once and enjoy feeling on Swapping Credit Card!!! hi hi… the feeling are nice, when i use it for my 1st purchase, feel like no need spend a single cent and able to get the stuff with just a swap. I think this feeling are killing a lot people, bring a lot debt to them.

Here is some information on Public Bank Debit Card Remember, don’t simply spend money. “Rich come from think infinity instead of thinking twice before you spend a single cent”