Does your company using CRM software, what is CRM mean?
CRM mean Customer Relation Management, in short, we can said CRM is software that allow company manage relationship with their customer, in term of capturing, storing and analysis the data. CRM software categorize in to few categories:

  1. Operational CRM – is kind of CRM on front office support and marketing, storing customer history and transaction
  2. Collaborative CRM – is kind of CRM that direct interacting with client, such as issuing report.
  3. Analytical CRM – is kind of CRM that use by marketing dept, to analysis customer behavior.

To get more information on this CRM software, you can find more information from wiki – CRM, or InformationTechnologyService or E-Gov.

Recently when i doing research on CMS, I found a software from, an On-demand lead management company. This company has a CMS software, this software is an on-demand web-based software application. With using this software, we are no need to download any software and install in our PC, it is fully web-based software application

If we talk about the feature, such as Lead Management Features, Reporting, Sales Force Automation, User Management and Authentication, Support and Consultation, Website Integration and Internet Marketing. All features are better then their competitor, you can find those comparisons in the feature section. All the sub feature they have are listed out there.

I have browse though the Customer satisfied testimonial, most of the customer are happy with the support on this software. As a user of the software, the main thing we concern is the after sales service and support. provide Email support, telephone support, community support and provide one to one training too. If compare to the competitor, some supporting feature are not provided or need to paid.

Lets come to the pricing, the price to have this software is extremely cheap, and there are only USD33 per user and no setup fees. For normal CRM software in the market, approximate $50 to $65 per user and the setup fees are from $500 to $6000.

Before you decided which software to use, why don’t try, sign up with this company for full feature 14days free trial. I going to propose this software to my bosses after try out. If you are IT Officer, IT Manager, MIS Executive from any company and currently looking for better software to increase your company revenue, just visit for further detail.

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