Today I receive a forward mail from my communication manager, again is the “Planned Outage Activities” from TM net.

I just wonder last time postponed is because of people complain of down time too long. (24 hour) referCyberjaya DC shut down has been postponed“. Almost 1 month they postponed from the date 1st schedule. refer  Cyberjaya Data Centre will shut down on 14th April.

This time they want to shut down 25hour. How come like that? Let me find our some answer in WebmasterMalaysia Forum. Here is the email we receive from our email&hosting provider.

We would like to inform you that TMNet has scheduled repair and audit activities in the Cyberjaya1 Data Center (formerly known as MyLoca) that involve the whole Data Center. It is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the integrity and reliability of the electrical power system of the Data Center at all times.

Start date: 12-05-2007 Saturday
Start time: 06.00AM Malaysian Time

End date: 13-05-2007 Sunday
End time: 07.00AM Malaysian Time

The maintenance work is expected to conclude within 24 hours. During these 24 hours period of activities, all servers located at Cyberjaya1 Data Center will have to be shutdown. As a result, you will be unable to access all websites and emails hosted at Cyberjaya1 Data Center for the duration of the exercise.

If you should have any inquiries regarding this, please do not hesitate to call us.

We regret any inconvenience may have caused.